The Jiggle Gang is a group of thieves that only appeared in the anime.


Not much is known about the history of the group except that the three banded together in order to commit crimes.


Steal Gold from Freight Train

The Jiggle Gang hijacks a train and ties up the conductor in order to take the gold from a freight cart.[1]

Steal a part of the Immunity Clock

The Jiggle Gang attempts to steal the part of the Immunity Clock when Erza's team finds it first in the Library of Magic.

  • Wendy Marvell temporarily joins the Jiggle Gang as their Goddess.
  • Mission failed due to Erza's anger for ruining her flower.


Secret Jiggle Art: The members are able to release massive amounts of explosive flames from them, that both damage and leave an intense burn on the target.


  • The Jiggle Gang are recurring characters from Hiro Mashima's previous work,Rave Master; there they are named Wonderful Gocche (Leader), Kalen Berg (Lackey A), and Marco Belunjay (Lackey B). However, the characters are unnamed in Fairy Tail, and it is unknown if they share the same names as their Rave Master counterparts.
  • The three are voiced by Kazuya Ichijō (Leader), Masahito Yabe (Lackey A), and Tetsu Inada (Lackey B), who reprise their roles from the Rave Master anime.[1]

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