Jellal Fernandes vs. Midnight is a fight fought between Mage Jellal Fernandes and Oración Seis Dark Mage Midnight.


Brain using telepathy

Brain fooling Natsu and the others via Telepathy

On Nirvana, Natsu Dragneel's group, composed of himself, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Wendy Marvell, Happy, Carla and Jura Neekis, starts thinking of ways on how to destroy Nirvana. Wendy suddenly thinks of Jellal and how he might know how to stop Nirvana. She runs off with Carla without telling the rest where she might be going. When Wendy leaves, Hoteye's voice communicates with them through Telepathy. Hoteye tells them that he is no match for Midnight and that they should all work together to defeat him because if they do, the flow of Magic into Nirvana will cease and it should stop moving. He adds that they'll find him beneath the King's Summit and that they should be careful because he is, indeed, very powerful.[1]

Natsu opens the trap

Natsu opens the trap

The group heads out to search for the remaining member of Oración Seis, Midnight. However, it turns out that it was not Hoteye who communicated with the group, but Brain, collapsed somewhere else. He smiles to himself as the group starts to exit the tower they were in. As Natsu opens the door, light shines and Jura exclaims that it's a trap. An explosion occurs right in front of them.[2]

Meanwhile, Jellal and Erza Scarlet, somewhere else on Nirvana, hear the explosion. Midnight suddenly appears behind them, stating that "Father" can be so cruel sometimes, stealing away all his fun. He adds that the two of them are the only remaining prey and that he hopes they don't bore him. Jellal tells Erza to stand back and faces Midnight.[3]


Jellal falls

Jellal falls

Jellal sends a beam of light towards Midnight but it misses. He flinches a bit and Erza tries to convince him to step down but Jellal refuses. His Magic Seal appears and numerous beams come out and target Midnight. However, Midnight remains unharmed. Midnight waves his arm and envelops Jellal in dark red waves of his Magic. Jellal spins in the air and then falls down.[4] Although Jellal is known to be a very powerful Mage, he is still exhausted with the casting of the Square of Self-Destruction from before and is easily beaten down by the terrifying Midnight.[5]


Distort Shield

Erza vs. Midnight

As Jellal lies on the ground, Midnight asks him if he's forgotten how to use Magic along with the rest of his memories. Jellal struggles to get up and Midnight questions if he's still alive. He looks at him and states that he'd like to see him a little more terrified. At this moment, Erza slashes her blade at him, starting their battle.[6]


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