Ikusa-Tsunagi (イクサツナギ Ikusatsunagi) is one of the Yakuma Eighteen War Gods Magic passed down through the now-extinct Yakuma clan that summons one the 18 War Gods, Ikusa-Tsunagi.[1][2]


Ikusa-Tsunagi appears in front of Natsu

To cast this Magic, the user must burn their face in order to initiate the contract with the War God, then once set the user calls out their name to appear.[1] The Magic then brings forth Ikusa-Tsunagi, a colossal, heavily muscular being with black, armor-like skin; his face resembles that of a lion's, jutting out of which (specifically from his cheekbones) two horns that resemble Mirajane's horns from her Sitri Satan Soul, which in and of themselves are eclipsed by bone-like horns that encase the jawline, and travel up the side of the head, of Ikusa-Tsunagi. On his chin is a long, pointed tuft of facial hair that appears to be a goatee, and a wild mane of hair juts upwards, growing from the top of his down past his clavicle. The War God also has pupil-less eyes and black sclera, and demonic, clawed hands and bestial-looking feet.[3]

Ikusa-Tsunagi possesses immeasurable amounts of strength, being able to carry around a sword roughly the size of himself and swing it so hard that it tears the ground apart for apparent kilometers in distance. The War God attacks and moves at the behest of summoner, being that they are fully controlled by the caster. However with enough force to the head area the War God can be destroyed.[3]


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