Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki & Nichiya vs. Bacchus Groh & Rocker is a fight fought between Team Blue Pegasus' Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki and Nichiya, and Team Quatro Puppy's Bacchus Groh and Rocker.


After the Naval Battle, the tag battles on the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games begin. The first battle is between Team Blue Pegasus and Team Quatro Puppy, with Rabbit & Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki from Team Blue Pegasus and Bacchus & Rocker from Team Quatro Puppy. Bacchus and Rocker look down on them but Ichiya just acts calmly by saying that he will reveal Rabbit's "handsome face". Everyone is excited about Rabbit's true identity, even Ren Akatsuki as he doesn't know about Ichiya's plan.[1]

Team Ichiya and Nichiya

Rabbit's real identity

When the Rabbit's costume is removed, everyone stares at him as its face is almost as the same as Ichiya's. Fairy Tail members such as Natsu Dragneel and Panther Lily are also shocked as it is Nichiya, the Edolas counterpart of Ichiya.[2]


Drill 'n Rock kick

Ichiya gets kicked by Rocker

Before Ichiya and Nichiya can explain about their first meeting, Bacchus starts the battle quickly by slapping Nichiya in the face, immediately taking him out of the battle. Ichiya is shocked as he believed his Edolas counterpart to have the same battle power as him. Bacchus and Rocker act fast as they get the chance while attacking Ichiya with Drill 'n Rock and Under Moonlight.[3]

Smiling Smash

Ichiya uses his Perfume Magic

This makes Ichiya fall down, seemingly defeated. At the moment Ichiya falls down, he recalls how Nichiya was an Exceed who cannot fight yet still agreed to battle alongside him upon his asking. Thinking of him, Ichiya regains his strength and returns to battle, dedicated to beat his opponents.[4] Ichiya begins to activate his Power Perfume and quickly becomes muscular and subsequently defeats Rocker and Bacchus by smashing them against a wall using Smiling Smash, shocking the crowd.[5]


Team Quatro Puppy is down so Team Blue Pegasus is declared the winner, earning them 10 points.[6] The next tag battle is revealed to be Team Lamia Scale versus Team Mermaid Heel.[7]


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