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Human Subordination Magic (人間隷属魔法 Ningen Reizoku Mahō), also called the Ruler's Magic (王者の魔法 Ōja no Mahō), is a Caster-Type Ancient Spell and Lost Magic and a type of Spatial Magic.[1]


Human Subordination Magic negating human's Magic

It allows the user to cast significant influence over humans, making it possible to make them subordinates of the user. In battle, it could be used to temporarily weaken the physical and magical abilities of humans around them.[1] With this Magic, Zoldeo was able to dominate a battle against four of Fairy Tail's Mages (two of them were S-Class candidates) all at once.[2] However, the Magic does not work properly on non-humans, such as Celestial Spirits.[3] It also allows the user to kidnap and summon one or multiple humans to aid themselves in battle, which means that, in terms of Caprico, it is essentially a reverse version of Celestial Spirit Magic.[4] The summoned humans also have a few similarities with the Celestial Spirits. They both materialize and then disappear afterwards in a "dissolving" manner. They are also both sentient, and can even verbally respond to commands,[5] meaning there is still a piece of free will left in the summoned humans. It can also act as a mean of transportation, allowing them to recall their human guild mates for later release onto the battlefield.[6][7]

Side Effects

Effects of coming out of a body

This type of Magic also has weaknesses and unfortunate side effects. If this Magic is used to take control of anything else aside from a human, it ends up fusing the user with their target instead, not being able to undo it.[8] This is how Zoldeo ends up possessing Capricorn; though it seems that it is possible for the user to switch bodies with another non-human entity.[9] It also seems that the user's real body from this point onward cannot manifest in the real world for more than a few seconds, as after the user was knocked out of a Celestial Spirit's body, the user dissolved into thin air.[10]


Zoldeo's Spells


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