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Historia of the Dead (屍のヒストリア Shikabane no Hisutoria) is a Caster Magic that allows the user to materialize the histories of their targets' past.


A Historia being summoned

This Magic allows its user to look into the hearts of others, view and create a replica of the deceased of those in the individual's past that made a lasting impact upon them, be it as a result of hard-fought combat, love, or simply immense respect.[1] It has been noted that the replicas are not illusions, as the user gives "life" to the past Historias, with them retaining their personalities, memories, as well as any Magic and abilities they possessed from their lifetime.[2][3] By snapping their fingers or a wave of their arms the user can create (or dispel) the life replicas, with the span of those who are affected able to reach as far as the radius of Hargeon Town.[4] One method of defeating one's Historia is to instill fear into them, overcoming their existence to the point where they completely vanish.[5] Depending on the Magic Power of those created during their lifetime, it's possible for the caster to tire out from the massive reserves of Magic Power they consume or use.[6] It has also been noted and implied that the manufactured Historias do not possess the same degree of Magic Power as their living selves, and at least one specific Historia, God Serena, was considerably weaker than his original, living self.[7]


  • Historia (Greek, ἱστορία) is a word for "history" in numerous European languages, including but not limited to, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Romanian, from the Ancient Greek word ἱστορία.


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