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Heaven and Earth Extinct Slaying Attack (天地消滅殺法 Tenchi Shōmetsu Satsubō) is a Melee Combat ability.


This is Vanish Brothers' signature technique, as well as the reason behind their epithet. The attack is initiated by the older brother, who has his larger sibling first bounce on the handle of his frying pan, which is held horizontally, and then stand in the round part of the pan itself, which is used as a springboard of sorts, with the older brother launching the other high up in the air, almost making him disappear from sight. If the target tries looking "at the heavens" to spot the younger brother, the older one assaults them with his pan. If they look around "on earth", keeping the older brother under control, the younger one comes flying down from above and assaults them in melee. Natsu Dragneel was shown committing both actions, being thus attacked by the two brothers one after the other. However, he also survived the attack without sustaining major injuries, something which, according to the Vanish Brothers, none had ever achieved, with all of those subjected to Heaven and Earth Extinct Slaying Attack having met their end. Gray Fullbuster was also shown committing both actions and surviving multiple hits from this attack without much injury even though it was seven years since the encounter with Natsu.[1]

The Vanish Brothers are referred to as such due to one of them "vanishing" from sight when this technique is employed, at the same time making the opponent "vanish" by killing them. After using this technique, both the older and younger brother vertically place one of their hands, respectively the right and the left one, before their chest, all fingers outstretched, and the younger stands behind the older, both facing in the same direction; this being seemingly a trademark "victory pose" of them.[2]


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