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Hearing Magic (聴く魔法 Kiku Mahō) is a Caster Magic that preternaturally heightens a person's hearing.


This Magic dramatically enhances the user's sense of hearing: this includes bestowing upon the user the uncanny ability to hear the voices of the hearts of those around them and thereby listen to their very thoughts. This allows the user, in battle, to foresee all of an opponent's attacks and react accordingly to either dodge or counter them without effort; with a degree of accuracy that is such, the Magic has been confused as mind reading.[1] However, this is ineffective when attempting to listen to the thoughts of someone who has completely blocked out their thoughts or with a case of amnesia.[2][3]

Should this happen, the user is still able to focus on listening to their target's physical actions and hear when and where their very movements will happen.[4] It is so precise that the user is able to hear sounds that a normal person wouldn't be able to hear, such as heartbeats and contracting muscles even from a far distance.[5][6]

Another downside to this Magic ability is that it works as a double-edged sword; the heightened hearing makes the user's ears sensitive to overly loud or high-pitched sounds, which may cause tremendous pain to their eardrums.[7]


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