The Harvest Festival in X784 is, like every year, hosted by the Fairy Tail Guild which started on October 15 of the said year.[1] However, unlike previous years, Fairy Tail S-Class Mage Laxus Dreyar interrupted the festival in his plan to take over the guild.[2]

Miss Fairy Tail Contest

Max Alors hosted the year's Miss Fairy Tail Contest wherein each contestant was to perform in the stage and show the audience their beauty in order to win 500,000 Jewel.[1][3] Members of the guild, citizens of Magnolia and visitors from other towns gather at the Fairy Tail Guild building to see the show.[4]


No. Contestant Performance
Cana Alberona Cana threw multiple cards up into the air until they covered her entire body. When the cards fell to the ground, she is then revealed to have changed her outfit into a swimsuit.[5]
Juvia Lockser Juvia used her Water Magic to turn her body into a waterfall and changed her outfit into a swimsuit.[6]
Mirajane Strauss Mirajane used her Transformation Magic to change her face into Happy's followed by Gajeel Redfox's face, much to the crowd's surprise.[7]
Erza Scarlet Erza used Requip to change into a Goth Loli outfit.[8]
Levy McGarden Levy used her Solid Script to create words in the air.[9]
Bisca Mulan Bisca uses her Guns Magic to demonstrate her shooting abilities by shooting multiple coins.[9]
Lucy Heartfilia Lucy planned to dance with her Celestial Spirits but was interrupted by Evergreen.[10]


The Miss Fairy Tail contest of X784 was interrupted by the Thunder God Tribe, when its member, Evergreen, turned all of the contestants into stone by use of her Stone Eyes.[11]


Erza in OVA 8
First Place:
Erza Scarlet
Lucy prof 2
Second Place:
Lucy Heartfilia
Juvia Mugshot
Third Place:
Juvia Lockser

Battle of Fairy Tail


Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe interrupted the celebration of the year's Harvest Festival by holding the event known as "The Battle of Fairy Tail", a contest among the Mages of Fairy Tail to find the strongest member of the guild. Laxus took the Miss Fairy Tail contestants that had been turned to stone as hostages to get the Mages to take part of this event. The rules of this game were simple: Whoever survives is the winner. If they did not win before the time limit the girls would turn to dust.[12]

The only way to save the girls that had been turned to stone and keep them from turning to dust and was to win the game and to do that they would have to defeat Laxus and the members of the Thunder God Tribe. The time limit was set to 3 hours and the battlefield was the entire Magnolia Town. Also, by the use of Jutsu Shiki, people over 80 years of age could not participate, which prevented Master Makarov Dreyar from participating in this event.[13]



Because of Freed Justine's Jutsu Shiki, members of Fairy Tail were forced to fight against each other with the hope of getting one step closer to finding the Thunder God Tribe and rescuing the hostage girls.[14] When the Battle of Fairy Tail began, there were over 100 Mages competing against the Thunder God Tribe.[15]

The number of the Fairy Tail Mages was quickly reduced to two, those two being Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox who were, for some reason, trapped with the Fairy Tail Guild. Because of this, Makarov Dreyar got desperate and asked himself if this is the end. However, because Erza has an artificial eye, the effect of Evergreen's Stone Eyes on her was weakened and she managed to break out of it. Meanwhile, Mystogan entered the Town of Magnolia and joined the game. With this, the number of remaining participants was raised to four.[16]

Erza was found by Evergreen and the two fought with Erza winning the battle. Defeated, Evergreen returned the contestants that had been turned to stone back to normal, raising the number of participants to ten.[17] Angered that the hostages had been freed, Laxus created a new rule to keep the game going. He activated the Thunder Palace and made the city of Magnolia and everyone in it the new hostages.[18]

After being briefed about the situation, most of the girls headed out to find and defeat the remaining members of the Thunder God Tribe and Laxus. One of those who were left in the guild was Levy who decided to try and dispel Freed's runes.[19] Lucy and Happy were confronted by Bickslow and managed to defeat him with the help of Loke while Freed, after successfully defeating Juvia, Cana and Elfman, was defeated by Mirajane.[20][21] Laxus was then confronted by Mystogan and later Erza but their fights were discontinued due to Mystogan leaving when Erza arrived and Erza leaving to deactivate the Thunder Palace.[22][23] With the help of the other members of Fairy Tail, Erza managed to disable the Thunder Palace while Laxus was defeated by the combined efforts of Natsu and Gajeel.[24][25]

List of Fights

Tono's magic
Tono Rabbits vs. Unnamed Fairy Tail Members
Krov vs. Niggy
Niggy vs. Krov
Iron Dog Magic
Wang ChanJi vs. Joey Fullborn

Fantasia Parade

Despite Laxus and the Thunder God Tribes' rebellion, Makarov decided to continue with the Fantasia Parade wherein all the able members participated.[26] Some of the floats featured in the parade:

Guild Member Float Image
Miss Fairy Tail Float Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Bisca Mulan and Cana Alberona rode this float, a float for the girls that participated in the Miss Fairy Tail contest. The girls wore tank tops with ribbons, miniskirts, gloves and thigh length stockings. Each of them carried a flag bearing the name of the guild.[27] In the Anime, Cana was not among the girls in the float as she had her own float with Macao Conbolt & Wakaba Mine.[28] Miss Fairy Tail Float
Cana, Macao and Wakaba's Float In the Anime, Cana Alberona had a separate float with Macao Conbolt and Wakaba Mine. The float was a simple wheeled platform with two gigantic light blue-colored Fairy Tail symbols standing behind them. The three created miniature fireworks with their Magic.[28] Cana, Wakaba and Macao's Float
Alzack, Max, Jet and Droy's Float In the Anime, Fairy Tail Mages Alzack Connell, Max Alors, Jet and Droy participated in the parade, waving around the watching public. Jet and Droy were wearing a caterpillar and pumpkin costume, respectively, while Max and Alzack wore their earlier outfits.[28] Max alzack jet and droy
Elfman's Float A float featuring Fairy Tail Mage Elfman Strauss who used his Beast Soul: Full-Body Take Over. The float is bordered with bent iron bars and is decorated with a broken canvas at the back.[27] Elfman's Float
Mirajane's Float In the Anime, Mirajane Strauss also participated in the parade with her float designed as a tower with a giant pink rose on top standing behind Elfman's float. In the middle of the parade, she emerged from the rose and quickly transformed into a giant gecko.[28] Mirajane's Float
Gray and Juvia's Float A float manned by Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser who acted as the King and queen of an ice castle created by Gray's Ice-Make with Juvia's Water Magic moving the surrounding water.[29] Ice castle
Erza's Float A float manned by Erza Scarlet who, with the use of her Requip, produced multiple swords to dance around her.[29] Erza's Fantasia Parade dress
Nab, Vijeeter, Reedus, Warren and Laki's Float In the Anime, Fairy Tail Mages Nab Lasaro, Reedus Jonah, Vijeeter Ecor, Warren Rocko and Laki Olietta participated in the parade. The guys were standing on top of their rock float with Laki riding a wooden horse around them.[28] Other Members' Float
Natsu and Happy's Float Natsu Dragneel and Happy manned this float with Natsu using his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic to create words while Happy dances around him. The two are surrounded by torches being pulled by some creatures.[30] Natsu and happy on Fantasia Parade
Makarov's Float The last float of the parade was manned by the Fairy Tail Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar. He wore a goofy outfit consisting of a long-sleeved shirt with gloves, pants, pointy shoes and a hat with cat ears. Makarov stood on a raised intricately designed platform with a statue of an angel behind him.[30] Makarov on FP

The year's parade was concluded with the Fairy Tail members raising their hands in a kind of salute to the excommunicated Laxus, reminding him that they will always be watching over him even if they can't see him.[31]


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