The Harvest Festival is an event held in Magnolia Town. It is hosted by the Fairy Tail Guild and it occurs once a year starting on October 15th.[1] In the year X784, the Battle of Fairy Tail was "added" as an event.

Miss Fairy Tail Contest

The Miss Fairy Tail Contest is a beauty contest among all the women of Fairy Tail. The winner of the contest gets a reward of 500,000 Jewel.[1] Members of the guild, citizens of Magnolia and visitors from other towns gather at the Fairy Tail Guild building to see the show.[2]

Year X784

Rank Contestant
Erza Scarlet
Lucy Heartfilia
Juvia Lockser
Bisca Mulan
Cana Alberona
Levy McGarden
Mirajane Strauss

Fantasia Parade

The Harvest Festival is concluded with the Fantasia Parade, a parade featuring the members of Fairy Tail who ride on different floats and use their Magic to entertain the watching public.[3]


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