Hargeon Restaurant is an unnamed restaurant located within Hargeon Town.[1]

Exterior Design

Hargeon Restaurant is a large two-story building with tan walls. There are at least seven windows on the front side of the building. The windows all have blue shutters and the windows on the top floor are covered by a fish net that hangs down from the roof. The roof of the building has purple shingles. A sign can be seen above the restaurant's entrance. On the sign, a purple fork and a blue knife are intersecting and the word Restaurant is written above them. There are several sea-themed items lining the fronts of the buildings. Those include: Several floaties, an anchor, etc. There are also several barrels lined across the front.[2]

Interior Design

The inside of the restaurant is also quite large. The walls are tan and the windows have green sills. There are booths that spread all across the room that are orange in color. The floors of the building are hardwood.[2]


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