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Hana Adachi (足立 花 Adachi Hana) is a high school senior who once visited the Fairy Tail Guild with her friends.


Hana is a girl of average height with black hair tied in braids and glasses. She wears a light-colored shirt under a light colored vest, a necktie, a miniskirt, knee-high socks and regular shoes.


Hana is somewhat of an airhead as she can be quite clueless at times, thinking of a guild as a company. She is also quite forgetful as she forgot who Natsu and the others were when they visited their school, despite having just met them.



Hana's Magic Trick

Hana drags four of her friends to the Fairy Tail Guild in Magnolia Town, saying that, since they're already high school seniors, they need to start looking for employment. Despite the objections, Hana enters the guild, thinking that it's a company, and greets the Guild Master, addressing him as "director." However, the group soon learns that the place is a guild of Mages and Hana thinks that it would be fun to join. However, the guild only accepts those who can use Magic, causing Hana to use her "Magic" by making two doves fly out of her bag. She then proceeds to try and pull a cat next, shoving Happy into her bag.[1]

The visit from the Fairy Tail Mages

The master is not impressed with her performance and the others try to use Magic as well with Gaku using Giant, Rinka using Requip and Daichi Shinagawa using Celestial Spirit Magic. However, the three fail with Gaku causing Seiya to grow into a giant, Rinka stripping herself down to her underwear, and Daichi summoning a deformed version of the Celestial Spirit Nikora. After the fiasco, the group of high school students return to their school and soon discover that the Mages of Fairy Tail had paid them a visit as well.[2]


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