Hammer (ハンマー祖父 Hanmā Sofu) was a member of the Treasure Hunting Guild Sylph Labyrinth.[1]


Hammer is a man of average height, who bears a similar appearance to Rala. He has a large dark-colored afro, a shapely face with noticeable sideburns and facial hair, as well as a large, lengthy nose. His attire consists of a brown blazer with a white undershirt with the Sylph Labyrinth's emblem embedded on the upper left side. In addition, he has two black straps which holster his weapon on his back.[1]


Zerø arc

After seeing Warrod, Yuri, and Precht resign from Sylph Labyrinth, Hammer agrees with Sword's statement that they caused alot of trouble here, but also nods when Sniper mentions he hopes that they take care of themselves.[1]


Hammer: True to his name, Hammer possesses a large hammer that is holstered on his back.[1]


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