Hair Magic is an unnamed, Caster-Type Magic involving the manipulation of hair.


It is a type of offensive[1] and defensive[2] Magic that involves the manipulation of the caster's hair, allowing them to lengthen and transform it for attacking their opponent. The caster is able to control their hair freely and use it for various purposes; apparently, the strength of the hair can also be manipulated to something much stronger, for usage such as binding a fully-grown person.[3]Also able to defend against attacks by distorting the shape of the users hair. Simple techniques include using one's hair to absorb liquids, though apparently not oil as it "damages" the texture,[4] and even as a simple weapon for blunt attacks.[1] More advanced Mages, even by tunneling it through the ground, can grow their hair or even reduce it in length, within a matter of seconds and without difficulty, the user can even raise the temperature to make it hot enough to burn one's skin, supposedly permanently.[5][6][7] Another use of Hair Magic is actually transforming the shape of it; the caster's hair can be transformed into something simple as a Guild mark or as complex as a live animal, namely a beast.[7]


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