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Habaraki is an anime-only, Magic Spear used by Dan Straight.[1]


Habaraki takes the form of a large, spear-like weapon that closely resembles a medieval javelin. The weapon consists of a large silver spear end set into a darker colored base. From the base, four triangular extensions protrude onto the spear with a blue jewel set in each. Extending out back are two guards, the bottom of which goes to Dan's elbow and the top extends across his whole arm, acting as a shield to is face. The two extensions are held together by a bolt in the middle. Like his shield, Ricochet, the Legion's symbol is printed on the upper rear extension. Dan holds the weapon by a long handle normally covered by the rear extensions.


Habaraki's effects

Habaraki can change the size of whatever it hits. With just a touch, he is capable of shrinking or enlarging whatever it is he touched. This holds true for living and inanimate objects. The effect activates upon being touched by the tip of the weapon. While wielding Habaraki, Dan was able to shrink Erza Scarlet's weapons as well as enlarge several books to crush her. He also displayed the ability to shrink Natsu Dragneel down such that Happy appeared as a giant to him.[1] It can also be used to minimize the target's flow of Magic without altering the target's physical shape.[2]


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