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|romanji=''Jūdan Mahō'' ''(Ganzu Majikku)''
|romanji=''Jūdan Mahō'' ''(Ganzu Majikku)''
|type=[[Holder Magic]]
|type=[[Holder Magic]]
|user=[[Alzack Connell]]<br>[[Bisca Mulan]]
|user=[[Alzack Connell]]<br>[[Bisca Mulan]]<br>[[Wally Buchanan]]

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Guns Magic (銃弾魔法 (ガンズ・マジック) Jūdan Mahō (Ganzu Majikku)) is a Holder Type Magic utilized by Alzack Connell & Bisca Mulan.


Bisca uses Re-equip Magic (The Gunner). As the name implies, the user loads his/her gun and fires Magic bullets which never miss. The bullets can vary from normal bullets to to any other type of bullets like wind bullets, mud bullets, sunlight bullets, Magic bullets, etc.


Alzack's Spells

Bisca's Spells

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