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|name=Guns Magic
|name=Guns Magic
|image=[[File:Alzack's Guns Magic.gif|200px]]
|name=Guns Magic
|name=Guns Magic
|kanji=銃弾魔法 (ガンズ・マジック)
|kanji=銃弾魔法 (ガンズ・マジック)

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Guns Magic (銃弾魔法, ガンズ・マジック, Ganzu Majikku) is a Holder-Type Magic involving the shooting of Magic bullets, which produce various Magical effects.


As the Magic's name implies, the user loads their guns and fire Magic bullets that never miss.[1] The bullets can vary from normal bullets to any other type of bullets, such as wind bullets,[2] mud bullets,[3] sunlight bullets,[4] Magic bullets,[5] etc.


Alzack's Spells

Bisca's Spells

Other's Spells


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