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A Guild (ギルド Girudo) is a type of organization in Earth Land, characterized by a member base and common trade. The purpose of a Guild is to obtain and disseminate Job requests to the members of the Guild.


There are three different types of Guilds: Legal, Dark, and Independent. A Legal Guild is one that has been approved and registered by the Magic Council. A Dark Guild is one that has not been approved by the Magic Council and is treated as a criminal organization.[1] An Independent Guild is one that is not approved by the Magic Council, but at the same time is not considered a criminal organization. Very little has been shown about Independent Guilds, though it appears that they can do anything they please as long as the Magic Council doesn't disapprove of the actions.[2]

Aside from Magic Guilds, there are a variety of other Guilds, such as merchant, Mercenary, Treasure Hunter, Alchemist, Coal Miner and even Bandit guilds. Happy once implied that there are craftsman Guilds, too. To join any guild in the country, one requires proof of citizenship, this citizenship can be revoked however by those wealthy enough with high influence and status.[3] Mavis Vermillion also once mentioned that there are also combat and industrial Guilds dotting the countryside.[4] In general, Guilds are formed for individuals to take Jobs and earn Jewels. Legal Guilds also work to defend against Dark Mages and other criminals; Independent Guilds likewise fight illicit Guilds.[2]

Guilds in general have a huge influence on the towns and surrounding regions they're stationed in, providing a rudimentary economic system to the aforementioned areas. Should the Guild in question be disbanded, its economy falls into chaos until another Guild rises up to take the place of the previous one.[5]

Several Mages have great respect and pride for their respective Guilds, seeing it as something that connects them to their fellow members. In fact, they consider it offensive for an outsider to proclaim to be part of their guild, regardless if their intentions are good or bad, usually it's to take advantage of a guild's popularity for their benefit anyway. Therefore the Mages of said Guilds will seek to punish any imposters for besmirching the name of their guild.[6][7]

In the past, Guild Wars were common as Legal Guilds fought over commercial rights, land and establishments.[8] At the end of the Second Trade War, the Magic Council passed the Interguild Dispute Interdiction Treaty that forbids all acts of aggression against other Guilds.[9]

The total number of Guilds in the continent of Ishgar is 500. In comparison, Alakitasia, the Western Continent, has 730 Guilds (including Dark Guilds) which have also united into a single, centralized and militaristic Alvarez Empire.[10]


Guild Structure

Hierarchy of authority in Fiore

The main power in the Kingdom of Fiore is the King and his Government. Under his order is the Magic Council, which enforces rules over the Guilds to uphold lawful employment of Mages and the enforcement of appropriate conduct.[11][12] When Guilds cause destruction or other disturbances to the peace, it is the responsibility of the Magic Council to reprimand them. The Council is made up of very powerful Mages, some of whom have the power to legalize or disband Guilds.[1]


Guild masters

Some Guild Masters from one of the provincial leagues.

Legal Guilds are those guilds which are recognized by the Magic Council and most have strong connections to multiple other legal guilds. Guild Masters form a body called the Local Guild Master League and they meet for various purposes. There is currently more than one league in Fiore.[13]

The hierarchy within Guilds typically has three tiers. The Guild Master is the single most influential Mage within the Guild. Under the Master are the S-Rank Mages, who have authority to undertake S-Rank jobs. Mages are the common rank, and are not allowed to accept S-Rank jobs without an S-Rank Mage with them. There are usually many teams formed within guilds; these teams are composed of various members of their Guild and can vary in strength. A team is a small clique of members within a guild who frequently undertake the same jobs together. In the Fairy Tail guild, the self-proclaimed strongest team consists of Natsu Dragneel and Happy, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, and Wendy Marvell and Carla.

Guild Halls[]

Almost every known Legal Guild has a building that acts as their base of operations, where they receive requests from clients, where the Master runs and manages everything within, receive messages from the Council as well as where someone wants to enlist to join said Guild. Guild Halls varies on overall design, a lot of the times be styled on a theme, often pertaining to their Guild emblem.[14]

Every Guild is stationed within a town and acts as representative for said location best on their achievements. Not every town has a Mage Guild, while the ones that do typically have about only one, but it's possible for a town to have more, Magnolia is so far the only city to have a maximum of 2 Guilds. [15] Of course the building is still own by the town and the Guild must pay rent to retain ownership, less they move out to relocate to a more affordable building.[16]

The Guild buildings for the most part also act as a form of communion where it's members socialize, having various accessories such a bar and/cafe, library, swimming pool, game activities, spa and souvenir shops that sell merch based around the Guild and its members.[17]

Guild Marks[]

Every guild has its own insignia, personal crest matching the name and theme of their guild. Some guilds, most of all magic based ones have the guild's mark branded somewhere on their bodies, typically done with a Magic Stamp Tool. Unlike normal tattoos, these marks can be added or removed faster and painless.[18] These marks can also serve as proof of identification to a client to prove their legitimacy.[19]

While a large number of Mages can choose from any variety of colors available,[20] Mages within a Guild with a specific color theme all have the same color mark, or at least different shades of it.[21] Other non-magical guilds however instead sport their symbol somewhere on their outfits or accessory.[22]

Guilds that gain enough popularity and recognition also sell merchandise with the guild's name and symbol branded on them, from shirts, bands, mugs, towels, figurines and even Lacrima crystals.[23]

Guild Ranks[]

Guild Master[]

A Guild Master is a Mage who is the head of the Guild that he or she is affiliated with. Typically, Guild Masters are very powerful, often being the strongest Mage in their Guilds. Occasionally, they are even members of the Ten Wizard Saints, as with the case of Makarov Dreyar.[24] As the heads of their own respective Guilds, they virtually have complete authority over their subordinates, and can thus dictate their actions. As such, they are able to excommunicate members of their Guilds[25][26] or even reappoint them as an official member, as seen with Laxus.[27] They also have the power to decide who the next Master of the Guild will be.[28]

S-Class Mages[]

An S-Class Mage is a powerful Mage that is recognized by the Guild Master and is able to undertake S-Class Jobs, and despite the very good pay, they are considered to be so dangerous that even the simplest mistake can cost them their life. [29] The overall strength of S-Class Mages differs from Guild to Guild. In some instances, an S-Class Mage is considered the strongest within their respective Guilds, as with the case of Jura.[30]


Mages are simply users of Magic that are able to undertake Jobs. Regular Mages are not allowed to undertake S-Class Jobs unless they are under the supervision of an S-Class Mage. However, it is possible for them to become an S-Class Mage. Fairy Tail is known to have a special tournament to decide whether or not an eligible Mage can be promoted.[31] No other known events have been seen or mentioned with other Guilds.

List of Guilds[]

Legal Guilds[]

Magic Guilds[]

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Fairy Tail Fairy Tail is currently the most powerful Guild in Fiore.[32] This Guild is greatly disliked by the Magic Council because of the destructive nature of its members.[33] Fairy Tail allied with Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and Cait Shelter so that they could defeat Oración Seis, one of three Dark Guilds in the Balam Alliance.[34] The Guild lost its status as the top Guild in Fiore due to the disappearance of several of its core members. After seven years, the Team Tenrou finally returned and has decided to regain their title as strongest Guild by entering the X791 Grand Magic Games.[35] Two teams were sent to represent Fairy Tail and both managed to pass the Preliminaries.[36] Makarov Dreyar Active
Fairy Tail symbol
Sabertooth It was formerly the most powerful Guild in Fiore,[32] having gained five powerful members in the past seven years. Sabertooth participated in the Grand Magic Games of X791 and their representative team was able to place first in the preliminaries.[37] Sting Eucliffe Active
Sabertoth mark
Twilight Ogre Representative Guild in Magnolia Town.[38] They were one of the many Guilds who participated in the X791 Grand Magic Games, but were also among the majority who did not manage to move past the Preliminary round.[39] Banaboster Active
Twilight Ogre
Lamia Scale Formerly the second strongest Guild in Fiore,[40] They allied with Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, and Cait Shelter to defeat the Oración Seis, one of the three Dark Guilds of the Balam Alliance.[34] Ooba Babasaama Active
Lamia scale
Blue Pegasus One of the top Guilds in Fiore, the Guild is mostly a guild for women and effeminate males known for having beautiful members.[41][42] Blue Pegasus allied with Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, and Cait Shelter to defeat the Oración Seis, one of the three Dark Guilds of the Balam Alliance.[34] Bob Active
Blue pegasus symbol
Quatro Cerberus A Guild lead by former Fairy Tail member, Goldmine. Members of this Guild are known for their eccentricity, and most wear spiked collars, a reference to their Guild's name.[43][44] Quatro Cerberus participated in the Grand Magic Games of X791, placing 7th in the Preliminaries.[45] Goldmine Active
Quatro Cerberus Symbol
Mermaid Heel An all-female Guild. They participated in the Grand Magic Games of X791 and placed 6th in the Preliminaries.[45] Unknown Active
Mermaid Heels symbol
Raven Tail Raven Tail is a powerful Guild that was founded by Makarov's son, Ivan.[46] It was formerly a Dark Guild pre-timeskip but was approved by the Magic Council in the past seven years following the Team Tenrou’s disappearance. Raven Tail participated in the Grand Magic Games of X791 and placed 3rd in the preliminaries.[47] Ivan Dreyar Dissolved
Raven Tail symbol
Titan Nose Nothing is known about this Guild except that Bora is a former member[48] and that Nalshe Mikagura is a current one.[49] Unknown Active Unknown
Orochi's Fin Orochi's Fin is a Legal Guild operating in the kingdom of Fiore as long as until X792, and are sworn rivals of Lamia Scale.[50] Unknown Active
Orochi Fin
Phoenix Grave Nothing is known about this Guild except that Mace Orlando is a member.[49] Unknown Active Unknown
Scarmiglione The winner of the X792 Grand Magic Games, defeating Dullahan Head. Unknown Active Unknown
Dullahan Head A Guild that competed in the X792 Grand Magic Games, losing to Scarmiglione. Unknown Active
Dullahan Head Guildmark
Dwarf Gear A Guild that competed in the X792 Grand Magic Games. Unknown Active Unknown
Gramlush Nothing is known about this Guild except that Bomb Sentense and Elena Alteria are members.[49] Unknown Active Unknown
Hound Holy Nothing is known about this Guild except that Reisha Whiteday and Bernicka Rilafille are members.[49] Unknown Active Unknown
Mount Altana Guild A Guild located somewhere in the Kingdom of Fiore.[51] Unknown Active Unknown
Phantom Lord Once, Phantom Lord was the most powerful Magic Guild in Fiore but over time, Fairy Tail started gaining recognition until both Guilds became the signature Guilds of Fiore. The Guild Master, Jose Porla, one of the Ten Wizard Saints, then instigated a Guild War with Fairy Tail out of jealousy.[52] After Phantom Lord was defeated, the Magic Council dissolved the Guild and stripped Jose of his positions.[53] Jose Porla Disbanded Phantom Lord Symbol
Cait Shelter This Guild sent delegates to participate in the alliance against the Dark Guild, Oración Seis.[34] After all the members of the Oración Seis were defeated and Nirvana was destroyed, the Guild Master Roubaul revealed that the guild never truly existed and that its members were all spirits of the Nirvit. Roubaul used his Illusion to create the Guild and its members for Wendy and Carla after he was left to take care of Wendy.[54] Roubaul Dissolved Caitshelter
Red Lizard This was a Guild operating in Tenrou Island, inside the kingdom of Fiore, in X679.[55] Zeeself Dissolved
Red Lizard
Magia Dragon The oldest Guild in the world and is located somewhere in the continent of Guiltina.[56] Elefseria Active Unknown
Diabolos A Guild made up of Fifth Generation Dragon Slayers who aims to hunt and eat Dragons to become stronger. Selene Active
Diabolos symbol

Non-Magic Guilds[]

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Southern Wolves A mercenary Guild. The Southern Wolves mainly use martial arts and counter Magic spells to defeat Mages. Their Guild leader is a person called Mama who was mentioned but never seen.[57] Unknown Active
Southern Wolves
Love & Lucky A merchants Guild. Not much is known about the guild except that Lucy Heartfilia's parents once worked at the guild and they named Lucy after they saw that the "k" in "Lucky" had fallen down from the sign.[58] Unknown Active Unknown
Unnamed Bandit Guild Not much is known about this Guild of bandits, except that they were hired by Arcadios to capture Lucy during X791 Grand Magic Games.[59] Members wear masks covering the upper part of the face and use guns as weapons. Unknown Active Unknown
Sylph Labyrinth A Treasure Hunter Guild. It has existed since X686,[60] three members tried to retrieve the Eternal Flame in X791.[61] Unknown Active
Sylph Labyrinth Mark
Fairy Nail A celebrity Guild composed of members that are singers, models, actors and more. Unknown Active
Fairy Nail symbol
Fairy Tail (Edolas) This Guild is an alternate universe counterpart of the Fairy Tail Guild from Earth Land. The Fairy Tail Guild was the only Guild in the entire Edolas realm and was formerly treated like a Dark Guild since Mage Guilds are banned. Now that Edolas doesn't have any Magic anymore the Guild became a courier Guild. Unknown Active
Fairy Tail Edolas Symbol
Gold Owl Gold Owl is an Alchemist Guild made up of members that are tasked with finding precious or rare items that can be used as Alchemy materials.[62] Duke Barbaroa Active N/A
Gagarock Gagarock is a Coal Miners Guild, made up of workers who excavate materials from mines used for Alchemy. Members are also equipped with items forged from Alchemy, used both for their profession and for combat.[63] They are also affiliated with Gold Owl.[64] Unknown Active N/A
Butterfly Horn Butterfly Horn is an Alchemist Guild. They were approached by Sabertooth about the Philosopher's Stone, but they told them that no alchemist has been able to create one.[65] Unknown Active N/A
Lead Eagle Lead Eagle is an Alchemist Guild. They were approached by Sabertooth about the Philosopher's Stone, but they told them no such thing exists.[66] Zalam Active N/A

Independent Guilds[]

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Crime Sorcière An independent guild formed by Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy after Jellal was freed from prison. The guild works to eradicate evil brought forth by Dark Guilds and Zeref, but also to redeem the members of their dark pasts. Crime Sorcière is noteworthy to have eradicated several Dark Guilds in the seven years following the disappearance of the Team Tenrou.[2] Unknown Active
Crime Sorcière Symbol

Other Guilds[]

Guild Name Description Guild Master Status Symbol
Unnamed Rogue Guild Not much is known about this Guild, except that two thugs who from here, were sexually assaulting Lucy. A mission was given to capture these two which Loke had accepted.[67] Unknown Active Unknown
Carbuncle A powerful Guild from the Principality of Veronica.[68] Unknown Active Unknown



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