Guild Master's Meeting Building is an event that takes place during the Lullaby arc.


Kageyama surrenders to makarov

Kageyama surrenders to Makarov

Natsu, excited after his victory over Erigor, stands alongside Happy on the railroad tracks just as the rest of his team arrives with Kageyama, dropping their guards while they are congratulating him. Kageyama, seeing this as a perfect opportunity, steals Lullaby and their vehicle, planing to complete the plan that Erigor started. He arrives at the guild master's meeting building soon after and ends up running into none other than Makarov. He then asks if he would like hear a song, Makarov agrees but says he only has time for one song. Nearby, Natsu and the others arrive and after seeing Makarov with Kageyama, go and try to stop him, but before they get the chance, the other Guild Master's stop them, telling them to wait and watch. Back near Makarov, Kageyama is having a hard time deciding whether or not to play Lullaby and soon decides to surrender after listening to Makarov's inspiring words. Everybody begins celebrating that the danger was averted, but then something strange begins to happen. The flute begins to talk while smoke pours from its mouth and a giant Demon appears in front of them.[1]

Destruction of the Building

Lullaby defeated

Lullaby Defeated

The Demon begins speaking to the Mages, saying he is going to eat their souls and begins playing it's Lullaby. But to stop it, Erza, Natsu and Gray begin attacking, seemingly managing to do nothing but make holes in the Demon but not causing any major damage. They continue their attacks until finally, after a combination attacks of Gray Ice-Make Magic, Erza's Black Wing Armor and Natsu's Dragon Slayer Magic, the Demon falls but lands right on top of the Guild Master's Meeting Building, crushing it completely.[2]


FT running away

Fairy Tail sneaking away

Soon after the battle, everyone begins celebrating Fairy Tail's strongest team victory. But the Guild Masters soon realize that the battle had crushed their meeting building and so they give chase, trying to capture the Fairy Tail members.[3]


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