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Griffon Kato is one of the traveling companions of Haru and Elie.


Griff's oval body is said to be made of jelly. His eyes are entirely black, he has a long nose and thick lips. His thin arms end in three-fingered hands and he has multiple tentacles for legs.


Griff is somewhat of a pervert, wishing to hug young women just to touch their chests.


Grand Magic Games arc

Griff is seen serving drinks for Fairy Tail in the Sun Bar during Grand Magic Games.[1] He is then seen listening to a conversation after Twin Dragons were defeat. [2]

Appearances in Other Media

Fairy Tail x Rave

Griff and his group traveling

While traveling around the world, Haru and Elie are separated from the group as they visit a small village.[3] Griff and Plue manage to find Elie and meet Fairy Tail Mages Lucy Heartfilia and Happy.[4] At the end of the day, they reunite with the rest of their group and Haru and Elie recount their encounter with the Fairy Tail Mages while Griff drives their wagon.[5]


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