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Great Tree Arc (大樹のアーク Taiju No Āku) is a Caster-Type Ancient Spell and Lost Magic.


Azuma uses his Magic

This is a type of Lost Magic which allows the user to manipulate the properties of trees; however, its true strength lies in the properties within the earth, which can be easily controlled by the user.

The user can mainly summon trees at his or her own will and produce trees for various purposes, mainly for battles. As such, they can manipulate any part of the tree however they want, mainly roots[1] and branches. Even the leaves are controlled by the user.[2] Any tree that the user creates can also have its form manipulated to suit the fighting techniques of the caster.[3] These different sections of the tree can be very useful during offensive or defensive ranges in combat. Furthermore, this Magic also allows the caster to merge themselves with trees and hide inside it.[4]

Creating explosions utilizing Great Tree Arc

A unique property regarding this Magic is that the caster is able to condense the power of the earth into the fruit of the created trees, doing such allows them to create fiery explosions, providing them an additional range of offensive attacks. The caster can attack explosively using parts of the trees[5][6][7] or just the tree's fruits, manipulating them to inflict further damage.[8][9] In relation to this, the caster is able to harness all of the power stored within the earth itself. When altering the power source of a great mass of land, such as an island, the user can even drain its Magic Power.[10]

This Magic is not without its own set of consequences. Overusing this immense Magic would eventually cause the caster's body to transform into a giant tree.[11]


Azuma's Spells


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