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The Great Labyrinth of Dogra (ドグラ大迷宮 Dogura Daimeikyū) is an ever-growing underground maze located somewhere on the continent of Guiltina. It was created and formed by the Magic Power of the Dogramag's remains fusing with the land post-mortem.[1]


The exact location of the maze is unknown.

Climate and Area

The Great Labyrinth of Dogra is located in the unique village with high-top platforms surrounded by forest-like scenery; the outside of the labyrinth being a large chained up door-like pillar. The inside is said to be an endlessly creating maze.[2]

Notable Events

After being sealed by Elefseria, a newly adminstriated Diabolos under one of the Five Dragon Gods in Selene decided to invade the labyrinth in order to retrieve the remains of Dogramag and the heart of Elefseria.[2]


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