Gray Fullbuster vs. Vanish Brothers is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Gray Fullbuster and the Southern Wolves' Vanish Brothers.


Vanish Brothers X791

The Vanish Brothers appear

After going on a mission to stop some gold bandits, Erza Scarlet and Gray wait somewhere in the mountains for the gold bandits. Hearing the bandits return, Erza and Gray try to stop them, but the bandits have hired the Vanish Brothers to defend them. Gray then requests that he should defeat them alone, since Natsu had fought them and had been able to defeat them without any help some while ago.[1]


Gray beats Vanish brothers

Gray defeats the Vanish Brothers

Gray prepares his Ice-Make while the elder brother states that his Giant Frying pan can now absorb Ice Magic. Gray then attacks them with Ice-Make: Lance, however, the older brother's Giant Frying pan absorbs the Magic, and attacks Gray. Gray dodges and attacks the brothers again, the Vanish Brothers then decide to use their special technique, Heaven and Earth Extinct Slaying Attack, effectively hitting Gray numerous times. Watching from behind, Juvia decides to help Gray, but before she can even show herself, Gray states that he's not feeling anything and strips. The Vanish Brothers then blow their finishing attack, but Gray states that if they will attack from Heaven and Earth, he got something for them. Gray then uses Ice-Make: Ice Bringer to create a pair of swords and attacks the two, effectively hitting the brothers and knocking them out.[1]


After the Vanish Brothers' defeat, Erza and Gray take the gold from the bandits, and asks them if they have complaints, to which the bandits answer with no. Behind the rocks, Juvia states that she can go home with peace of mind, making Gray look around.[1]


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