Gray Fullbuster vs. Unnamed Ice-Make Mage is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Gray Fullbuster and an unnamed female Ice-Make Mage.


Elfman dancing with a strange woman

Elfman dancing with a strange woman

While Team Natsu, Wendy, Carla, Elfman and Warren are on a mission for Count Balsamico in the Magic Dance Ball at the Balsamico Palace, Elfman is asked by a beautiful woman to dance with her, an offer that the others find suspicious. Under Warren's request, Gray replaces Elfman and begins to dance with the woman. While dancing, Gray, knowing that only Mages are allowed to attend the ball, asks the woman what kind of Magic she possess. The woman refuses to answer, stating that a gentleman would show her his Magic first. Gray states that he is not a gentleman, prompting the woman to separate herself and prepare to attack.[1]


Gray Vs. Ice Mage

Gray vs. the Ice-Make Mage

The woman begins to use Ice-Make Magic and creates multiple swans. Gray uses Ice-Make: Kite and the two battle in midair while the other Mages watch them. The mysterious lady then lands on the floor and uses Ice-Make: Polar Bear, creating a polar bear that charges at Gray. Gray dodges the attack and uses Ice-Make: Prison to capture it. Gray and the woman then use Ice-Make: Ice Cannon and Ice-Make: Ice Bazooka and their attacks connect in midair. Annoyed, Erza requips into her prince outfit and slashes the two, putting an end to the battle.[1]


Gray Protecting Aceto

Gray and the others protecting Aceto

Once Aceto comes down, at midnight, the Balsamico ring is revealed. Velveno, who was disguised as a young boy, steals the ring. As Erza and Natsu fight him, Gray and Elfman protect Aceto.[1]


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