Gray Fullbuster vs. Rufus Lore is a fight fought between Team Fairy Tail's Gray Fullbuster and Team Sabertooth's Rufus Lore.


After Mavis orders Team Fairy Tail to spread out to their designated points, Gray makes his way through the library, where Rufus is waiting. Rufus says that he seems to have forgotten Gray and asks him to make him remember, but Gray states that there is no need as he will end Rufus there.[1]


Sword of Frozen Black Lightning

Gray attacked by Rufus

Gray then attacks Rufus with his Ice-Make: Freeze Lancer, which Rufus dodges and memorizes. Gray yells that Rufus won't get away, attacking him again with Ice-Make: Ice Impact, however, Rufus dodges it again and memorizes it. Gray asks what Rufus is muttering, and Rufus replies that memories can become weapons and that he uses the Magic he has seen as a base to give shape to new Magic. As Rufus states that his memory of Gray is Ice Magic and his memory of Orga is Lightning Magic, he uses Memory-Make to create Memory-Make: Sword of Frozen Black Lightning and attacks Gray with it, shocking Gray with its power. Rufus once again attacks Gray with his Memory-Make: Shrine of Turbulent Fang. Gray uses his Ice-Make: Shield to block Rufus' attack, but Rufus makes Gray's shield disappear by memorizing and forgetting it, allowing his attack to hit Gray.[2]

Gray beats Rufus

Rufus defeated

Rufus tells Gray that he cannot defeat him, but Gray removes his shirt and says that ever since he got Fairy Tail's mark on him, he has never lost to the same opponent twice. Gray then uses his Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance, surprising Rufus with its speed. Gray asks Rufus if he memorized that but Rufus states that his memorization can't keep up. When Gray hits Rufus with his spell, Rufus becomes trapped with ice spikes around him. Rufus yells that he had already memorized flames that can destroy ice, and breaks Gray's ice with Memory-Make: Karma of the Burning Land. Gray tells Rufus that he had memorized stronger flames and attacks him with his Ice-Make: Ice Bringer, knocking Rufus down and out.[3]


Following his defeat, Rufus is eliminated from the "Grand Magic Game",[4] earning Team Fairy Tail 1 point for Gray's victory.[5]


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