Gray Fullbuster vs. Rayule is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Gray Fullbuster and Eisenwald Dark Mage Rayule.


By order of Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster and Natsu Dragneel pursue Erigor after he attempts to escape. Gray figures out that if Erigor wants everyone to hear him play Lullaby, he should be in the broadcast room. He breaks into the studio, but instead finds a different opponent, Rayule.[1]


Rayule hanging

Rayule hanging from the ceiling

Gray enters the studio and seemingly no one is there, but Rayule is hanging from the ceiling. Rayule tries to attack Gray with five strings of his Magic Urumi, but Gray dodges it. Rayule hangs from the ceiling with one string of his Magic and says that Gray will be a nuisance to their plan.[2]


Gray using Ice-Make

Rayule reaches the ground and says that he'll kill anyone who gets in the way of their plan. Gray says that if they plan on broadcasting Lullaby, then that is the only place to do it. Rayule attacks Gray by swinging the strings of Urumi, but he dodges it and instead destroys the broadcasting equipment. Gray thinks to himself that if he destroyed the broadcasting equipment without hesitation then they don't plan on broadcasting Lullaby after all. Rayule tries to attack Gray once again, but he defends himself with Ice-Make: Shield. Gray asks what their real plan was to which Rayule explains about Erigor's Wind Wall.[3]

Rayule defeated

Rayule defeated

Gray kicks Rayule through a wall and Rayule tells him that their plan is to trap them there so that Erigor can head over to Clover Town and lands five hits on Gray. Rayule starts bragging about how good Eisenwald's plan is, but that just infuriates Gray. Gray puts his fist over his palm and then grabs Rayule's head with one hand and freezes it, mentioning to him that there are guilds far scarier than Dark Guilds.[4]


With Rayule defeated, only Karacka, Kageyama and Erigor are left to defeat. Gray goes to tell Erza what Eisenwald's real plan is and they go look for Kageyama to have him undo Erigor's Wind Wall.[5]


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