Gray Fullbuster vs. Keyes is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Gray Fullbuster and one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros: Keyes.


Fairy Tail attacks Tartaros

Gray and Fairy Tail invade Cube

Following Seilah's[1] failed[2] attempt at destroying the Fairy Tail Guild,[3] the guild invades Cube;[4] Gray engages several members of Tartaros by himself, their overwhelming number nearly getting the better of him. Much to his embarrassment, however, Juvia Lockser comes to his rescue, spouting words of jealousy and rage at Tartaros' soldiers.[5] Very quickly, however, Erza opens up a giant hole in Cube for all of Fairy Tail to enter from,[6] which Gray and the rest promptly do.[7]

Before long, Gray happens across Keyes giving chase to, and blocking the paths of, Wendy and Lucy; as he is in his own way as well, Gray punches right through the Black Priest. Finally taking notice of Lucy and Wendy, Gray ducks as they suddenly rush past him. However, as Keyes re-materializes, he recognizes Gray as being something of Silver's, which Gray inquisites upon.[8]


The details of the beginning of this battle are unknown.

After an undisclosed amount of time, Gray continues to attack Keyes with his ice, but curses his inability to put a scratch on the Demon, as whenever his ice makes contact, Keyes' body turns into mist. Keyes, meanwhile, sensing the impending activation of Face, makes a comment about the Mages' downfall occurring soon.[9]

The details of the ending of this battle are unknown.


Gray trapped by Alegria

Gray struggles with Alegria

Their fight is put on hold, partly, by Warren Rocko, who uses his Telepathy to tell everyone that Mirajane has been safely recovered. Lucy also makes use of Warren's telepathy to inform everyone that Wendy and Carla have destroyed Face; Happy does the same to tell Makarov of Hades' words regarding the release of Lumen Histoire. However, at that moment, Underworld King Mard Geer hijacks Warren's Telepathy and antagonizes Fairy Tail before using Alegria, which causes Cube to turn into a beast called Plutogrim, releasing a liquid that traps Gray, as well as many others, both Fairy Tail and Tartaros alike, in a state of suspended animation as this occurs; Keyes merely watches as Gray struggles with his forced incapacitation.[10]

The Ice Mages clash

Gray cancels Silver's ice with his own

Later, though, after the summoned Celestial Spirit King uses Galaxia Blade, the effects of Alegria are reversed, which allows Gray to break free of his suspended state of affairs.[11] Very quickly, Gray makes his way to the location of Lucy's victory over Nine Demon Gate Jackal, and protects Juvia from Silver's ice by canceling it out with his own; when the man looks at Gray and smirks, Gray goes wide-eyed. At that moment, however, Tempester appears and tries to kill Gray and the other Fairy Tail members present with a large fireball, but Natsu arrives and eats it, saving them. Gray then stands with Natsu, Gajeel and Juvia to protect Lucy from the wrath of Tartaros, staring down their foes Silver, Torafuzar, Tempester and Keyes—preparing for battle.[12]


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