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*[[Gray Fullbuster]]
*[[Gray Fullbuster]]
*[[Juvia Lockser]] (supportive)
|side2=*[[Invel Yura]]
|side2=*[[Invel Yura]]
|forces1=Gray Fullbuster
|forces1=Gray Fullbuster

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Gray Fullbuster vs. Invel Yura is a battle fought between the Fairy Tail Mage, Gray Fullbuster, and Invel Yura, a member of the Spriggan 12


Spriggan 12 reunited

Zeref and the 12 ready for Fairy Tail

After the casting of Universe One, in the Fairy Tail guild hall, Mavis and Zeref continue their stare-down, with Zeref rehashing their long-awaited reunion while Mavis internally discusses her plan to annihilate her former lover. Invel freezes her body, as he doesn't want her to activate Fairy Heart, but is scolded by Zeref who eventually is relinquished by the Winter General into inducing his Ice Slave upon her, which prevents her to think and move properly. One by one, the fellow Spriggan 12 are introduced to Mavis; Irene appearing before the two in exuberance with the army's morale gathering in one place. Zeref asks her to begin making an isolation enchantment, one that would be able to remove Fairy Heart from Mavis; this scaring the latter as Irene agrees. Zeref then declares that he will not allow another tomorrow for Fairy Tail, posted with his guards as they await the resistance. Far off in the horizon, Erza ponders whether or not the next dawn will be their last but is encouraged by Natsu who says there is no doubt they'll take back their guild from Alvarez.[1]

As five-sevenths of Team Natsu glare at the countless amount of enemy soldiers surrounding their guild, Erza believes they should concoct a plan but Natsu overrules this, as he mentions their comrades are on their way. With that, Gray challenges Natsu to see who can defeat Zeref first; Natsu taking up his offer as the Fairy Tail Mages charge at the Alvarez military, unleashing their attacks upon them as more and more Ishgar warriors arrive to the battle. Suddenly, eight dragons arise from the ground as the Historia of God Serena appears to impede their progress, utilizing three types of his Dragon Slayer Magic, which shocks the heroes of the strongest Mage on Ishgar's power. In the midst of his barrage, a large crash comes down, splitting his magic and land, as all wonder who has arrived, that person turning out to be Gildarts, who is hungry for the return of his guild.[2]

Gray vs. Invel

Invel challenges Gray

As Gildarts engages himself in battle with God Serena, the other Spriggan 12 members begin to make their move, however, from the hill side, Invel glares down upon the war front, preparing to make his move on Ishgar.[3] The battles in the war zone continues, with Natsu and others encountering more soldiers; Natsu attacking them with a roar, but him, along with the others behind him, minus Gray, are frozen solid by an arriving Invel. Gray moves to attack him but is quickly throttled by the Winter General, who casts doubt that his ice can defeat his own winter.[4]


The battle of lovers

Gray vs. Juvia

Gray and Invel stare each other down, beginning their clash of ice, something Invel easily cancels out as he notes he's of the purest ice Mages, using his Magic to freeze all. Gray unleashes his Ice Devil Slayer Magic, taking Invel by surprise as he slashes through the 12. Invel is impressed at this feat, but admits that Gray's darkness will start to slowly consume him, as he shown qualities of being a comrade of theirs. Invel continues to back up this notion, with Gray silencing him by saying that he'll do whatever he needs to protect his family, being evil among them those options. Natsu then breaks out himself as well as Lucy and Juvia, but not long after a super-sized Brandish comes to grab them, telling them to be quiet as she takes them away. Invel then takes the opportunity to place an Ice Lock upon Gray and Juvia, telling them that those under this Magic are controlled like puppets, and the only option to break it is if one or the other perishes. Pitted against one another, Juvia quickly comes to the conclusion that she must not harm Gray by rather having her life in peril than his, all the while Invel proclaims the one who will defeat E.N.D. is not Zeref, but Gray himself.[5]

Gray and Juvia commit suicide

Gray and Juvia commit suicide

Looking at one another in shock of the Winter General's Ice Lock, he commences the two to begin their battle to the death; the Fairy Tail Mages violently trading barbs at each other as Invel reminisces to a time when he asked Zeref of the pendant that he always wears around his neck, which contains a picture of his younger brother Natsu; the one who Invel wants Gray to defeat for His Majesty. As Invel continues to wait for Gray to unlock his darkness, Juvia takes the unbearable pain of not wanting to harm her lover, impaling herself with a water blade, looking up in shock to see Gray committing the same act simultaneously; Invel dissolving his Magics and then departing from the scene after being stunned from this miscalculation. As both of them fall to ground from their attempted act of suicide, Gray arises with the feeling of Juvia's blood within his body, learning from her that she secretly trained a blood transfusion spell to save Gray's life, if indeed this very occasion ever was made into a reality. Gray cries at the death of his friend, remembering all of their moments with each other after the water Mage tells him that she will now live within his body. Invel, who left the scene looking for Brandish, turns around in fright from feeling a staunch Magic Power, coming to see it emitting from a furious Gray who is marching directly towards him.[6]

Walking to some ruins, Brandish drops Natsu and Lucy, who wonder what she's planning. She informs them that she doesn't want to hurt them but state she will annihilate all of her friends and that this war is over for them as the 12s along with the army are too much for them to handle. This leaving Natsu to question if she thinks he will let her freely accomplish that all while a scorn Dimaria overlooks this conversation. Towards the battle, Gray continually unleashes his barrage of attacks, setting Invel to fortify himself in an ice armor to parry Gray's onslaught; this leading Gray to overwhelm the Winter General with an empowered fist attack, crushing his defenses.[7]


In the negotiations, Neinhart appears to advise Brandish to step aside so he can destroy their enemies while on his quest to locate Erza has been initiated. Brandish says to fall back, which prompts Neinhart to attack her from thought of betrayal, as well as their enemies with his new attained enhanced body from Irene. Natsu denies his presence by blowing him back, while in the meantime Juvia is quickly saved due to Carla's precognition and Wendy's healing before truly dying of blood loss. A defeated Invel lays solemnly, preaching to Gray that his pain won't cease until his mortal enemy in E.N.D is defeated, revealing to him that the true identity of the Etherious is Natsu.[8]


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