Gray Fullbuster vs. Angelica is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Gray Fullbuster and Sherry Blendy's pet: Angelica.


Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy are investigating Galuna Island in an attempt to discover why the villagers have turned into demons. They head off to the forest with Lucy inside Horologium, but in the forest a giant rat named Angelica is waiting for them.[1]


Ice Make Shield vs. Angelica Gas

Gray protecting himself from Angelica's gas

Gray and Natsu are both surprised to see such an enormous rat and Happy somehow gets inside Horologium next to Lucy, who tells them to take Angelica down. As they prepare to fight, Angelica gets ready to spit something out of her mouth and Gray uses Ice-Make: Shield, but instead Angelica releases a stink gas from her mouth which makes Gray and Natsu sick.[2]

Lucy asks what is going on and Horologium falls backwards, leaving Lucy and Happy unprotected. Gray gets up and notices that Natsu is still down, remembering that Natsu has a better sense of smell so the gas affects him worse. Soon after, the four of them start running away. The group keeps running while avoiding Angelica's attacks, but Gray gets tired of it and uses Ice-Make: Floor, making Angelica slip on the ice, causing her to fall on her back, defeating her.[3]


Lucy notices a building in the distance and points it out to Natsu and Gray, saying they should get in there while they still can. However, the two of them respond by continuing to beat up Angelica while they can, even though she's already been defeated.[4]


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