Gray Fullbuster & Juvia Lockser vs. Briar is a fight fought between the Mages of the then-disbanded Fairy Tail Guild, Gray Fullbuster & Wendy Marvell, and the Avatar member, Briar.


Team Natsu defends the city

The group readies to fight Avatar

After Fairy Tail's disbandment, Gray and Juvia moved in together during the year, until he disappeared without a trace half year prior to Juvia's reunion with Natsu, Lucy and Happy.[1] The Ice Mage is then shown to have joined the Dark Cult Avatar that worships the Dark Mage Zeref.[2] But it's revealed that he was only ruse, working with Erza from inside the cult to stop their ultimate objective, the obliteration of an entire city, in hope that the countless deaths will summon the Dark Wizard, known as Operation Purify. After revealing this to Natsu, Lucy and Happy - who had stormed the cult's base earlier to reclaim him - the group heads out to stop the giant cult and arrive to defend the city of Malba against the entire army of all the branches of the cult. They then continue to wipe the enemy's troops with ease.[3]


Gray freezes Briar

Briar falls to Gray

Angered by his betrayal, Briar sends a shockwave attack at the battling Gray. As he dodges her attacks, he states that he was never truly with them, as he won't be able to face his dad if he did.[4] The cultist then exhibits her Clone Magic, using it to dodge the ice attacks and form four copies of erself, expressing different emotions. Mistaking it as a love rival, Juvia suddenly appears behind Gray and attacks the "Loving" Briar with her Water Claw. Irked by the other clones, Gray instantly freezes the other three, defeating the Black Mage.[5]


Overjoyed by seeing him, Juvia launches a hug at Gray, before the two decide to continue their reunion after the fight. With Mary's defeat, the battle continues with former Fairy Tail Mages gaining the upper hand. Amidst the brawl, Natsu appears before Alok, preparing to take on the priest.[6] The tables are then turned when Alok, having been beaten to the ground, uses the Sacrificial Summoning Magic to summon the Ancient Yakuma Eighteen Battle God Ikusa-Tsunagi to massacre all the Avatar members, revealing that it was the purification plan all along, enraging the Salamander.[7]


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