Gray Fullbuster, Lyon Vastia & Juvia Lockser vs. Labyrinth Guardian is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mages Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser, Lamia Scale Mage Lyon Vastia, and the Labyrinth Guardian.


After several members of Fairy Tail break down into teams to go to different locations to find the parts of the Infinity clock, Lyon Vastia from Lamia Scale, tags along with Gray and Juvia to retrieve one of the missing clock parts. They soon arrive at some ruins and decide to enter it.[1]


Team Gray vs. Boulder Guard

Gray, Lyon and Juvia battles the Labyrinth Guardian

As the three wonder how to get inside the ruins, the Labyrinth's Guardian, consisting of a head and two large arms made of boulders, comes out of the pile of rocks above the entrance door. The guardian warns them of entering the ruins. The team refuses and proceeds to defeat it, but to their surprise the guardian is unaffected by their Magic. The guardian attacks the team but manages to dodge the attacks. Juvia finds the guardian's weak spot, which is its eye, and defeats it. Lyon praises Juvia for beating the guardian but Juvia finds him annoying. Gray tells the two to stop playing around and focus. They enter the ruin and find the insignia of Zentopia.[2]


Team Gray using Magic

The team uses their Magic to move the rocks

Inside the ruins, they find floating blocks marked by arrow signs all around them. They decide to not touch the blocks but Lyon, curious, touches the floating blocks with his Magic and finds out the blocks move in the direction of the surface.[2] The team moves the floating blocks that corresponds to the holes on a Zentopia symbol so they can make the turn the symbol the right way. They rotate it in its right position, but suddenly a light comes out and transports them into another dimension. They see more floating blocks in the labyrinth. The team use their Magic and move the blocks to form a path in which they can walk unto. Sugarboy appears, wanting to take the clock part as well, interrupting their mission.[2]


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