Gravity Core (重力の鎗(グラビティ・コア) Gurabiti Koa) is a form of the Magic Spear: Ten Commandments.


Gravity Core

Gravity Core's Head

The shape of the Ten Commandments' head changes to a spear possessing a long, dark blade. The lower section of the head indents in and juts back out as it reaches the point. The dark-colored blade is being supported by a thick, dark orb, which holds an intricate design covering most of the orb's surface, and, around the orb, two dark tubes connect to the blade, with two silver dots on the lower area of either tube.[1]

Special Features

Gravity Blast: A spear that unleashes an orb of strong gravity. It was strong enough to stop Earth Land Fairy Tail's S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet's Trinity Sword spell.[1]


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