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The Grand Magic Games (大魔闘演武 Dai Matō Enbu) in X792 , like the past years, were held in Crocus, Fiore[1] inside the Domus Flau.[1]

Known Participants

Guild Team Known Members Status
Dullahan Head Guildmark

Team Dullahan Head (anime)

Chrisack (anime) Active
Dwarf Gear


Berrick (anime) Active

Team Scarmiglione wins

N/A Active

Event Organizers

Main Events

Chapati and Yajima in X792

Chapati and Yajima once again

Like the past Grand Magic Games, the announcer of the Games is Chapati Lola, alongside Yajima as the main commentator. Unlike the past year, Chapati and Yajima didn't receive a guest in the fourth day,[1] while in the fifth day, the guest was once again the Games Mascot, Mato.[2]


The tournament will be divided into 5 days, each day a battle, the winning team gets 10 points and the loser won't get any; if the fight ends up in a draw, both teams get 5 points.[3]

The battles will be decided by the organizers based on the fans' votes[4] (however, some battles are arranged according to the Fiore's King's desires)[5] and will be set up like so:

  • Team A vs Team B
  • Team C vs Team D
  • Team E vs Team F
  • Team G vs Team H

The arena is the entire battle field and the winner is decided when the opponent is rendered incapable of fighting within the thirty minute time limit.[6]

First Day

Results unknown

Second Day

Results unknown

Third Day

Results unknown

Fourth Day

Fifth Day

In the epilogue of the Games, the two remaining guilds had to engage in an one-on-one fight to determine the winner of the X792 Grand Magic Games.

Team Dullahan Head (anime) Scarmiglione
Dullahan Head v.s Scarmiglione
Dullahan Head Guildmark
Winner : Scarmiglione


  • After Scarmiglione's victory, an unknown intruder enters the stadium, demanding to fight the winner. He was then revealed to be Natsu Dragneel who, upon unleashing his Magic, wipes the five Mages effortlessly, causing the entire Domus Flau to thaw.[7]


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