Grammi (グラミー Guramī) was a former servant of Layla Heartfilia and the mother of Brandish μ. She was later murdered by her colleague, Zoldeo.[1][2]


Grammi has the appearance of a woman whose green hair is tied back in a taut bun. Her attire consists of a long sleeve blouse with a collar and white cuffs at the end. Similar to her daughter, she also fashions her hair with purple cross-shaped accessories.[1]


Grammi, according to Brandish, admired Layla an incredible amount, suggesting she was a kind and reputable person. She treasured Aquarius's key when she received it from her master, dutifully taking care of it at a daily basis, which shows her commitment to her work.[1]


Grammi begs Zoldeo not to harm Brandish

Grammi pleads Zoldeo to not harm Brandish

Sometime after Layla had retired from being a Celestial Spirit Mage, Grammi was given Aquarius's gate key, which she treasured dearly, polishing it every day until it shone without fail. After Aquarius' key was handed down to her, she traveled the world to the continent of Alakitasia, making it so that Layla was unable to contact her to retrieve the key in order to open the Eclipse Gate in correspondence with the latter's clan formed from 400 years in the past. Unfortunately she couldn't be found, forcing Layla to compensate for Aquarius' key using her life force. Layla then fell ill with Magic deficiency disease; it was not until 7 days after the news had finally reached Grammi's ears with her returning to Ishgar. Grammi blamed herself for what had happened to Layla and returned Aquarius' key because she thought she was no longer worthy of possessing it. On her way back home, Zoldeo snuck up behind her and stabbed her with a knife. Zoldeo blamed her for Layla's ill-being, which Grammi concurred and blamed herself, but requested of him one last favor - to not harm Brandish for her own misdeeds. Grammi later passed away due to the fatal injuries she had sustained.[2]

Magic and Abilities

Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊魔法 Seirei Mahō): Grammi practices a type of Spatial Magic, Celestial Spirit Magic, which allows her to summon Spirits from another world or the Celestial World using Keys of the Gates. She summons Aquarius not to fight but to "play" with her daughter, Brandish.[3]


Gold Keys:


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