God Seed (ゴッドシード Goddo Shīdo) is a race of tree creatures that is a part of the Wood Dragon God Aldoron, tasked with healing and protecting Aldoron.[1]


God Seeds are a race of tree creatures that come from Aldoron's body whose purpose is to heal the Dragon God's wounds once he awakens as well as protect him from any threats through elimination. They were able to disguise as humans until his orbs were destroyed, which in turn "revive" Aldoron and awaken him.[2] The God Seeds are divided into five different guardian deities that represent the orbs originally placed to contain Aldoron's power, each with its' their own characteristic: Wolfen who reads people's minds, Metro who commands the might of the God Seed army, Gears who is a calculating tactician, Doom who brings death to others and the God Seed Aldoron who is the leader of the God Seeds and acts as Wood Dragon God's brain itself.[3]

Known God Seeds

Name Title Status
AldoronGod Seed's Leader
Guardian Deity
WolfenGuardian DeityActive
MetroGuardian DeityActive
GearsGuardian DeityActive
DoomGuardian DeityActive


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