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|rōmaji=Goddo Shīdo
|rōmaji=Goddo Shīdo
|primary ability=Healing Aldoron<br>[[Mind Reading]]<br>[[Copy Magic]]
|primary ability=Healing Aldoron<br>[[Mind Reading]]<br>[[Copy]]
|located in=[[Earth Land]]
|located in=[[Earth Land]]

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God Seed (ゴッドシード Goddo Shīdo) is a race of tree creatures that is a part of the Wood Dragon God Aldoron.[1]


God Seeds are a race of tree creatures that grows from Aldoron's body whose purpose is to heal the Dragon God's wounds once he awakens.[2] They also have the similar ability of the Dragon God to read their target's mind by putting their hand on their target's head in order to distinguish which person their target thinks is the most powerful and uses it to their advantage against them. After reading their target's mind, the God Seed can copy the appearance and Magic of that person in their target's mind and uses it to eliminate them.[3]

Known God Seed

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