God Seed (ゴッドシード Goddo Shīdo) is a race of tree creatures that is a part of the Wood Dragon God Aldoron, tasked with protecting Aldoron.[1]


The God Seeds are made up of five tree-like guardian deities that come from Aldoron's body, represented as the five orbs that came from and contained the power of Aldoron; whose purpose is to restore his power once all five orbs are destroyed. They all have a percentage of power tied to Aldoron and the other God Seeds, to which if one is destroyed or dies the others' powers (and possibly Aldoron's) are affected.[2] The God Seeds consist of Wolfen, who reads people's minds; Metro, who commands the might of the God Seed army; Gears, who is a calculating tactician; Doom, who uses spores to cause death towards others; and the God Seed Aldoron who is the leader of the God Seeds and acts as Wood Dragon God's brain itself.[3] If destroyed, the God Seeds will eventually revive after enough time passes.[4]

Known God Seeds

Name Title Status
AldoronGod Seed's Leader
Guardian Deity
WolfenGuardian DeityActive
MetroGuardian DeityDeceased
GearsGuardian DeityDeceased
DoomGuardian DeityDeceased



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