Gods (神 Kami) are a species of magical deities in Earth Land.[1]


Gods are a species of magical beings that, according to Zancrow, are known to be the strongest among all species in the world, surpassing the previously believed strongest species of Dragons.[2] The fabled Yakuma Eighteen War Gods of the extinct Yakuma clan were passed down as 18 different Magics that summon the specific War God of its very name. When acquired it gives the caster the ability to utilize it to their discretion depending on the condition of the summoned God.[3] Other Gods, however, are known to appear when an obligation or a certain method has been fulfilled by a person.[4][5]

Magic and Abilities

  • Immense Strength: Gods are known to be immensely powerful, to the point of the swing of Ikusa-Tsunagi's sword can cause a crater within the landscape of the terrain.[6]
  • Hexing: Some Gods are known to be able to inflict curses upon whomever they choose, with the Black Magic of Ankhseram being known to curse the ones who deliberately contort the balance between life and death.[4]
  • Immense Magic Power: True to their status, Gods carry supreme Magic Power, to the point that a screech from Chronos, the God of Time, can leave a humongous crater in the terrain; an example of the immense pressure let off from just releasing his aura.[7]

Known Gods

Name Title Status
ChronosGod of TimeActive
Ikusa-TsunagiYakuma Eighteen War GodInactive
KemokemoGod of PlantsInactive
Yagdo RigoraYakuma Eighteen War GodInactive


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