Gildarts Clive & Erza Scarlet vs. Byro Cracy is a fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mages Gildarts Clive and Erza Scarlet, and Legion Corps member Byro Cracy.


After an interruption in the battle between Natsu and Sugarboy, Byro Cracy continues his mission on his gigantic octopus, Kanaloa. After a while, Byro senses an immense amount of Magic Power nearby, which is coming from Fairy Tail's strongest Mage Gildarts Clive who is followed by the cool Sorcerer Magazine Reporter, Jason.[1]


Gildarts attack Byro

The grueling battle starts

After a short conversation between the two combatants, involving Gildarts asking whom should he finish off first; Byro or his octopus, Gildarts jumps at his opponent and uses his Crush to annihilate his opponent. Surprisingly, it is countered by Byro which results in the Magic smashing a tree behind him. Byro states that he actually nullified the Magic effect on him and thus the Magic passed through him and hit the tree. Byro then says that he has to complete a mission and tells Gildarts to come at him at will, intriguing Gildarts.[1]

Gildarts vs. Byro

Gildarts engages in hand-to-hand combat with Byro

Both of them then engage in hand-to-hand combat with Byro constantly nullfying Gildarts' Crush, much to his displease. With both Mages praising each other, Byro tells Gildarts to move out of his way and says that he does not want to cause any harm to Fairy Tail. With an over excited Jason revealing to Gildarts that Byro is part of a secret organization named Legion Corps, Byro reveals that he only wants to take Lucy Heartfilia and that he is following orders from the Archbishop of Zentopia. Byro also unveils that he is carrying out an important Crusade and raises his staff, causing a light of high density. Gildarts then orders Jason to run away from the battlefield if he does not want to die, which Jason does. The two powerful Mages then continue with hand-to-hand combat.[1]

Erza and Gildarts vs. Byro

Erza joins the fight

As they continue fighting, a long spear coming out of nowhere hits the octopus, causing it great pain. As the beast scurries in pain, Gildarts loses balance and jumps on the ground. With Gildarts surprised to see Erza Scarlet back, both Mages stand their ground to attack the intruder.[1]


After that, Mary Hughes gets her hands on Lucy's clock arm and signals her other comrades by sending a light signal to the sky. Seeing this, Byro and his octopus withdraw from the battle and join his Legion Corps team. As a result, Gildarts and Erza head back to the Guild.[1]


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