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Giant Armor (巨人の鎧 Kyojin no Yoroi) is one of Erza Scarlet's armors.


This armor features a barbaric appearance and is adorned with numerous fur trimmings around the armor's joints. The armor is also complemented with blue ornamental stripes over each piece of armor and golden animal-like ears with a blue stripe across each ear.[1] The breastplate features a medallion similar in shape to a four-leaf clover over the armor's collar and displays a blue ornamented cross over her abdomen area.[2]

The pauldrons are massive in size and feature a unique design where the shouldered-sections are pointed upwards. The edges are decorated with the blue ornamental stripes and the armor's sleeves are lined with fur. The armor's skirt is composed of intricately designed golden plates that don a fur-lined edge around the skirt and covers the upper part of Erza’s thighs. The skirt is embellished with a brown leather belt that grasp the skirt around her hips

The armor indistinguishably features two different gauntlet's on both arms. The left gauntlet covers her forearm and has a fur lining around the wrist, whereas the right gauntlet, which lacks fur, is noticeably larger and rounder as it extends down to her hand. A distinction to the right gauntlet is that it features a round red gem over the wrist-section of the gauntlet.

The knee guards sport protruding metal ornaments reminiscent of Dragon’s wings, and the plates that partially cover Erza’s thighs are held up by straps tied behind her legs. The greaves have fur sprouting from both the knee and the ankle areas; The armor is completed with Erza's footwear composed of plain blue plate-armor.[3]

Special Features

Enhanced Strength: This armor grants Erza the ability to increase the strength and trajectory of projectiles that are catapulted by her. When used in conjunction with her spear, wielded by her right arm, the gem on the corresponding gauntlet starts to glow yellow and is thrown with enhanced strength.[3]



  • De-Malevo-Lance (破邪の槍 Haja no Yari): It is an extravagant spear said to be able to repel darkness.[3] The steel blade adorns a golden embellishment in its center and is ornamented by a red decoration, reminiscent of ribbons which flow down and attaches to both sides of the pole wherein the ends releases a rocket-like blast which adds lift to the spear. The rear of the pole features a substantially thick golden stud with a flat silver surface, which may be used to shift it's equilibrium by adding force to the stud's surface and in turn, adding momentum to an assault.


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