Geese (ギース Gīsu) is a bandit leader who Team Natsu aims to capture.


Geese has purple hair, styled up into a spike on top of his head. He has a pink nose, and has his name and a "G" written on his back in purple.[1]

Geese wears a blue-green bandana around his neck, a pair of red trousers with a brown belt, a pair of large, light brown trousers cut off just above the knees, dark brown boots and light brown gloves.[1]


Geese is mainly motivated by greed and will flee if things don't look good for him. Despite this, he was willing to save Lucy from falling to her death despite the female Mage's attempt to capture him earlier.[1]


Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess

Geese runs away from Lucy

Geese escapes from Lucy

When Team Natsu take on a request to capture Geese, they fight members of his bandit group and try to extract his location from them. After defeating many bandits, Erza spots Geese as he exits a house and runs away. Lucy pursues him through the alleyways, however when she thinks she has him cornered, he uses his Flattening Magic to slip through a narrow gap. He then grins at her through the gap before making his getaway.[1]

Éclair and Lucy are saved by Geese

Éclair and Lucy are saved by Geese

At some point, Geese hears about the Phoenix Stone and heads for Veronica, believing it would sell for a good price. During the phoenix's rampage, when Lucy and Éclair nearly fall into a crack in the ground, Geese flattens his body out to break their fall. After explaining why he was there, Geese mentions how fate was a strange thing, seeing that if Lucy had captured him before she would be dead now. Seeing how things were looking bad, Geese decides to leave, asking Lucy to return the favor someday.[1]

Magic & Abilities

Geese's Magic

Geese's Magic

Flattening Magic: Geese is capable of flattening his body, allowing him to escape through very narrow gaps.[1] (Unnamed)



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