Gears (歯車 Haguruma) is a Caster Magic and a variation of Slow Magic, Illusion Magic and Time Magic that stimulates the feeling of guilt.


This Magic requires the user to first increase their Magic Power before they can place gear-like Magic circles upon the target's body[1] which restricts their speed, causes sluggishness, as well as creating an explosive attack. This Magic depends on the amount of guilt the target feels and it blurs the body and thoughts of the target to the point where the people in their line of sight would be replaced by illusions of the people they felt guilty of while also disrupting their equilibrium. These chain reactions also affects the target's Magic usage, causing them to think they're using their Magic when in reality they are not.[2]

This Magic also causes the target's body and thoughts to stand still, concurrently placing them within a time-distorted world; while the real world moves regularly to everyone else. The target's ability to overcome this Magic's effect depends on their will and acceptance of the guilt they harbored.[3]


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