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Gears (ギアーズ Giaazu) was one of the five guardian deities that dwells within the Wood Dragon God's five orbs and described as a calculating tactician.[1]


Gears has a deadly look, with a distinct palm-tree hairstyle and cape. His arms have a dark colored tint to go along with sharp claws.[1]


Gears is described as a tactician, given his ability to think a few steps ahead.[1]


100 Years Quest arc

Magic and Abilities

Gears (歯車 Haguruma): This Magic requires Gears to first increase his Magic Power before he can place gear-like Magic circles on his target's body[2] which restricts their speed, causes sluggishness, as well as creating an explosive attack. His Magic depends on the amount of guilt that his target feels and it blurs their body and thoughts to the point where the people in their line of sight would be replaced by illusions of the people they felt guilty of while also disrupting their equilibrium. These chain reactions also affects the target's Magic usage, causing them to think they're using their Magic when in reality they are not.[3] His Magic also causes the target's body and thoughts to stand still, concurrently placing them within a time-distorted world; while the real world moves regularly to everyone else.[4]

Battles & Events

  • Jellal Fernandes vs. Gears


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