The Gate of the Snake Charmer Key is a Celestial Spirit Gate Key used by Celestial Spirit Mages to summon the Snake Charmer, Ophiuchus.


The key is depicted to be black in color, ending in a spade-like tip that is connected to the key's bow by a dark serpentine figure that spirals around the blade of the key.[1] The center of the bow is black, stamped with the crest of the Snake Charmer, colored in white, with the serpentine figure spiraled around it.[2]


While in possession of the key, a Celestial Spirit Mage may be able to summon the Snake Charmer Ophiuchus by reciting the quote "Open Gate of the Snake Charmer! Ophiuchus!". This summons Ophiuchus, a Celestial Spirit that takes the form of a mechanical snake that charges towards the opponent.[3]


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