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"Those who break the rules shall be subjected to a fate worse than death."

Fried Justine to Elfman Strauss in "Satan's Halo"

Fried Justine (フリード・ジャスティーン Furīdo Jasutīn) is a Mage of Fairy Tail who didn't often appear in the guild; he is the leader of the Thunder God Tribe.[1] After Fairy Tail's disbandment, he joined the Blue Pegasus Guild along with the other members of the Thunder God Tribe and Laxus.[2] However, after the guild's reformation, he later left Blue Pegasus to join Fairy Tail again along with his team.[4]


Fried's appearance

Fried is a slim man of average height with waist-length light-green hair; his bangs are brushed to one side, covering the majority of the right side of his face, as well as a pair of thin lightning bolt shaped strands jutting out backwards from the sides of his head. His hair is gathered at the end and tied in a short ponytail with a grey ribbon. Fried's eyes are greenish blue; beneath the left one lies a small beauty mark. In addition, Fried possesses prominent eyelashes.[5] His green Fairy Tail Mark is located on the back of his left hand.[3] After the conclusion of the Battle of Fairy Tail, Fried was briefly shown with his hair cut short, though he returned to his old look shortly afterwards.[6] The most distinctive piece of Fried's outfit is his dark red knee-length double-breasted coat, which possesses a wide collar, large lighter-colored cuffs decorated by a darker line on the back part, and edges adorned by two, thin golden lines each. There are four yellow buttons closing said coat; the coat itself has been shown in two different colors on different occasions: red and black. Over it, around Fried's waist, is a pair of buckled belts, attached to which, on his left hip, is his sword. Underneath, he wears a simple, light-colored shirt with large cuffs and a mildly high collar,[7] mostly obscured by other pieces of his clothing, among which a light cravat tie around his neck, with the lower part tucked inside the coat, this until the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial, in which it was momentarily shown with its ruffled edges out[8] before being subsequently returned to its former look.[9] Fried's attire is completed by a pair of loose light-colored pants tucked inside simple knee height boots, each sporting a line of small buttons on their respective outer sides. His clothes, together with his physical features, make him resemble a French nobleman from the Enlightenment period.


Fried's Laxus-supporting persona

Fried is the most collected member of the Thunder God Tribe; while the three members were rarely ever seen in the Guild, Fried remained the most distant between all of them, preferring to be both emotionally and physically detached from his guildmates and the goings on of the Guild.[10] This calm demeanor allows Fried to remain seemingly emotionless even while his teammates are expressing emotions relatively dissimilar to his. Initially, he saw Laxus Dreyar as his only comrade,[11] being willing to renounce Fairy Tail in order to follow his ideals.[12]

Fried reminds Laxus that Fairy Tail is their home

Although extremely dedicated to Laxus' will, which placed him at odds with his guildmates, Fried has also shown to care for the well-being of his "former" friends and comrades even before his reconciliation with the guild, as he questioned Laxus when ordered to kill his comrades, despite eventually resolving to comply with what he said, even if that path "led to Hell".[13] In spite of this attitude, Fried has a soft spot for others and can be quite emotional at times. Though it had been hinted at, once Fried lost the will to fight against Mirajane, he burst into tears of regret over being forced to harm his guildmates against his will, revealing his caring side.[14] Even so, Fried's loyalty to his "commander" had trumped all other emotions, showing great strength of character for being able to go against one's own emotions. After said event, he, alongside the rest of the Thunder God Tribe, seems to have grown far kinder, optimistic and more attached to his guildmates, being seen much more often in the Guild.[15]

Fried looking at 3D nude pictures of Eve, Hibiki, and Ren with a Laxus poster

Although Fried's sexuality has never been explicitly stated, he has shown some homosexual tendencies, such as staring at naked 3D pictures of three men, namely Eve Tearm, Hibiki Lates, and Ren Akatsuki [16] and most notably his devotion to Laxus. Fried claimed to be shy when it comes to insufficiently dressed women (especially those donning revealing bikinis), blushing and becoming unable to fight if pitted against one or more of such opponents.[17] This, however, was simply just a ruse to cover for his deliberate defeat, as hinted by Bickslow.[18]

Fried prepares to kill Elfman for breaking the rules

Above all else, Fried is an honor-bound man, and when he feels indebted to someone he will go out of his way to repay that debt, even if it goes against his own personal interests. Fried also seems to strongly believe in the rules imposed by his Jutsu Shiki, using it in the battle of Fairy Tail, where he created barriers and other various Enchantments. He is shown to be willing to brutally torture anyone who breaks his rules and "cheats", stating he would "subject [them] to a fate worse than death",[19] though that was before his reconciliation with the Guild. Moreover, he would never break his own rules.[20]


Sometime before joining the Thunder God Tribe, Makarov asked Fried to supervise Laxus in the hopes that he would stop him from doing anything wrong.[11] Before the Battle of Fairy Tail, Fried hadn't returned to the guild for half a year and hadn't met any of the newer members, such as Lucy Heartfilia. During Fairy Tail's battle with Phantom Lord, he was away in another town.[1]

Before Laxus' announcement of the Battle of Fairy Tail, Fried set up a barrier that prevented those over the age of 80 and stone statues from leaving the guild.[21] He also set up multiple Enchantments throughout Magnolia that forced anyone trapped inside to fight one another until only one combatant remained.[22]


Battle of Fairy Tail arc

The Thunder God Tribe appears

Arriving at the location of the Ghoul Spirit Guild, Fried watches as Bickslow and Evergreen defeat the Dark Guild's members. The three then briefly talk about an event that Laxus is planning before returning to Fairy Tail.[23] After Evergreen petrifies the Miss Fairy Tail contestants, Laxus, Fried, and Bickslow reveal themselves. He listens as Laxus declares the start of the Battle of Fairy Tail: a competition to see who the strongest Fairy Tail Mage is.[24] After Laxus explains the rules of the battle, he, Fried, and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe leave.[25]

Fried later intercepts Reedus Jonah as the latter attempts to leave Magnolia and seek aid from Porlyusica,[26] where he swiftly defeats him.[27] Soon after, Fried is confronted by Alzack Connell and is attacked with the man's Guns Magic; Fried easily deflects the attacks and Alzack is defeated, as one of his nearby Enchantments takes away the oxygen from the person who uses Magic.[28]

Fried returns to the Kardia Cathedral

After Erza Scarlet defeats Evergreen, Fried returns to the Kardia Cathedral, telling Laxus that only he or Bickslow could defeat her. Fried is then asked what he's doing at the Cathedral, to which he states that since their hostages are no longer petrified, the Battle of Fairy Tail is over; Fried is then nearly struck by Laxus' lightning, and is told by Laxus that if he is unable to follow his lead, then his Fairy Tail doesn't need him.[29] After Laxus activates the Thunder Palace, Fried is shocked to know that Laxus would go to such extremes, but Laxus tells him that in battle, it is not over until one side is eliminated.[30] After being ordered to kill Cana Alberona and Juvia Lockser, Fried tries to argue, saying that they are their guildmates, but, intimidated, decides to obey Laxus, saying that he would follow him even to Hell.[31]

Fried confronts Cana

After Bickslow's defeat, Fried comes across Cana and Juvia and manages to trap them in one of his Enchantments. Forced to fight Cana, Juvia, after being reassured by Fried that he will fight the winner, decided to incapacitate herself by attacking one of the Lacrima. Fried is then attacked by an angry and tear-struck Cana, who has Juvia's sacrifice and words of endearment fresh in her mind.[32]

Having defeated Cana, Fried is met with the arrivals of Mirajane and Elfman, the latter of whom tries to battle Fried. Fried opts to torture Elfman with his Dark Écriture and, ignoring Mirajane's pleas to stop, attempts to kill Elfman, triggering the return of Mirajane's Magic Power and prompting her to use Satan Soul. He is quickly attacked by the demonic S-Class Mage, though even with his Magic, he is unable to evade her attacks.[33] Completely overpowered, Fried uses the taboo Dark Écriture: Darkness, turning himself into a Demon as well.

Fried laments his actions

Even with his enhanced physical prowess, Fried still proves to be no match for Mirajane and is pinned to the ground. As he is about to be killed by Mirajane, the woman sees Lisanna's face in Fried and deactivates Satan Soul, telling him that they shouldn't be fighting, as they are allies. Fried denies this, and tells her that Laxus is his only ally, though with Mirajane's every word, Fried's eyes begins to fill with tears until he confesses that he never wanted to do what he's done. Losing their will to fight, the two reconcile and remove themselves from the Battle of Fairy Tail.[34]

After Laxus' failed attempt at casting Fairy Law, Fried arrives at Kardia Cathedral and informs Laxus that everyone is safe. He explains that the spell saw deep inside his heart and knew that he thought of everyone as his comrade, and that that is the reason why Fairy Law failed.[35]

Fried's new hairstyle

After Laxus is excommunicated, Fried silently watches as his two teammates try to convince Laxus not to leave; after Laxus leaves, Fried expresses his firm belief in the idea that they will cross paths again someday.[36] After the Fantasia Parade, Fried, sporting a new hairstyle, convinces Makarov not to renounce his title as "Master" and to stay for Laxus' sake.[37]

Edolas arc

Fried and others welcome Erza back

After the return of the Allied Forces delegates, Fried takes part in the party celebrating the arrival of Wendy Marvell and Carla.[15] Later, standing next to Erza and Evergreen, Fried awaits the arrival of Gildarts Clive.[38] On a stormy night, Fried and the rest of the inhabitants of Magnolia are transported to Edolas via Anima[39] and are turned into a giant Lacrima.[40] However, they are Fried by Mystogan, who returns everyone to Earth Land (excluding Gray, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Erza, Gajeel, Carla, and Happy), via the Reverse Anima Process, leaving Fried completely unaware of what transpired in the alternate universe.[41]

Tenrou Island arc

The Thunder God Tribe welcomes Lisanna back

Fried and his teammates appear before Lisanna, telling her that it's a relief to have her back safe and sound, something which surprises her, as they were rarely ever in the guild before she disappeared.[42] A few days later, Fried stands amongst his fellows as the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial is announced, where he is stated to be a candidate who will take the exam. Easily excited, Fried expresses his joy at being able to fill Laxus' vacant spot.[43] Soon after, Fried chooses Bickslow to be his partner for the trial, much to Evergreen's dismay.[44]

As the participants travel to Tenrou Island by boat, Fried patiently awaits their arrival, until, that is, Makarov explains the rules of the first part of the trial. Fried and Bickslow then leave the boat to get a head start, as beforehand he placed an Enchantment that, for five minutes, allowed only them to leave. As they fly towards the island, Bickslow asks Fried he didn't trap them for the entirety of the trial, to which Fried responds that it wouldn't be fair if he did.[45]

Fried and Bickslow vs. Cana and Lucy

Arriving first, Fried and Bickslow choose their path, down which they wait; down said path they encounter Cana and Lucy, thinking they have won themselves an easy victory.[46] Fried tells Cana that this is as far as she'll go and that he'll be the one taking Laxus' place, to which he is met with the reply of them having for their own goals for becoming S-Class Mages. Fried then, blushing, asks the bikini-clad girls if they can garb themselves in decent attire, as their current is far too distracting.[47]

Cana hears him and takes out her Sexy Lady Card, knowing now that women in swimsuits are his weakness, and sends numerous bikini-clad women to crowd Fried. Bickslow tells him to keep it together and starts fighting Cana and Lucy. Fried and Bickslow are then attacked with the The Prayer's Fountain, though they still manage to dodge it. Utilizing the nearby water, Aquarius is summoned and Fried and Bickslow are knocked out by her fierce torrent of water, forbidding them from moving on in the trial.[48]

Fried and Bickslow discuss their deliberate loss

Later, Fried is asked by Bickslow if he can accept the result of the battle, to which he states that he can, adding that if it had been anyone else he would have fought seriously, however, he decided beforehand that if he had to face those two he would let Cana win; Bickslow says that it's a bit much that women are his one weakness and Fried agrees. Bickslow admits that he was excited about taking Laxus' spot, but Fried states that that's not important, as it's about Fairy Tail in general and that Laxus will come back one day.[49] They then return to Fairy Tail alongside Gildarts.[50]

Fried and Bickslow confront Rustyrose

Seeing the emergency signal flare, both Fried and Bickslow return to Tenrou Island, where they find and engage Rustyrose in battle and tell him that his actions are unforgivable. As Bickslow attacks Rustyrose with his puppets, Fried attempts to harm Bickslow with his Dark Écriture, though both he and Bickslow fail. Fried follows through Bickslow's attack with his own Dark Écriture: Absolute Shadow, turning himself into an armored knight. With Rustyrose down, Fried tells the Grimoire Heart Mage that he has no chance for redemption.[51]

Fried and Bickslow are then ensnared by the specters of Rustyrose's Ghosts of Brittia,[52] before ultimately collapsing due to Azuma's destruction of the Great Tenrou Tree;[53] after Erza defeats Azuma, the battle between Fried, Bickslow and Rustyrose resumes. Cornered, Rustyrose uses the same spell he used to defeat Evergreen and Elfman, the Tower of Dingir; Lisanna, Levy and Panther Lily get caught in its reach as well. They are all Fried, however, after Bickslow possesses the nearby Elfman, who hits Rustyrose from behind. Fried then teams up with Lisanna, who uses her Magic to sprout wings and pushes Fried forward. Utilizing the propulsion granted unto him, Fried slashes at Rustyrose and defeats the man with his Dark Écriture: Destruction, ending the battle.[54]

Fried happy to see Laxus

When Natsu and the others return to the base camp, Fried and Bickslow are seen reviewing the situation while Panther Lily tells them all the location of Grimoire Heart's Airship.[55] With Natsu preparing to leave and confront Hades, Fried tells him that he needs to protect the camp with Enchantments and to leave all defenses to him.[56] After the war with Grimoire Heart ends, Fried, along with the rest of the Thunder God Tribe, is reunited with Laxus; the group returns to the base camp afterward.

Fried and the others holding hands

Their jubilations are, however, interrupted by the arrival of Acnologia, the infamous Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, who lands on Tenrou Island and starts wreaking havoc, prompting the members of the Team Tenrou to run towards the ship.[57] Makarov then enters full Giant mode and grabs Acnologia, preventing it from attacking Fried and the others. Despite his, and everyone else's, desire to help Makarov, the man shouts for them to not disobey his final order and run.[58] When Makarov is overwhelmed by Acnologia, Fried and his guildmates return to protect their Master by attacking Acnologia in unison, though the Dragon brushes off their assault. Upon seeing Acnologia take to the skies and readies its Dragon's Roar, the Team Tenrou joins their hands together in a circle. Promising that they will return to Fairy Tail, they are struck by Acnologia's Roar, which completely annihilates Tenrou Island, leaving nothing behind.[59]

X791 arc

Fried along with the others come back after 7 years

Fried, along with the rest of the Team Tenrou, is rescued by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and The Trimens from Blue Pegasus. He watches as Mavis Vermillion reveals that she was the one who saved them before ultimately disappearing. He then, with his teammates, returns to Fairy Tail, where he is warmly welcomed home by Romeo.[60]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

After some time, Makarov gathers the guild to announce Gildarts Clive as the Fifth Master of Fairy Tail, however Gildarts has already departed, opting to instead leave a note behind that announces his resignation as Master and his reallowance of Laxus into Fairy Tail, something which brings Fried to tears.[71]

The Thunder God Tribe and Laxus going to train

After the first day of the Grand Magic Games, Fried and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe are present at the party in Bar Sun. When Gajeel tells Laxus that he has become peace-loving and pats him on the head, Fried becomes enraged and orders Evergreen and Bickslow to assemble, though he finds that they are too drunk to do as he wishes.[72] After the failed kidnapping of Wendy, Carla and Porlyusica, Fried, Evergreen and Bickslow are left to guard the room in which Elfman is recovering from his battle with Bacchus, just in case the kidnappers return.[73]

On the Third Day of the Grand Magic Games, Fried watches in shock as Laxus is single-handedly overwhelmed by Alexei, though unbeknownst to him this is an illusion.[74] After Ivan's illusion is destroyed, Fried, startled, sees that Laxus defeated the entirety of Team Raven Tail by himself.[75]

After Laxus' victory, the Grand Magic Games resumes with Wendy fighting Lamia Scale's Sky God Slayer: Sherria Blendy. During the battle, when Wendy counters Sherria's Heavenly Gathering of Clouds, Fried is seen both shocked and amazed at Wendy's ingenious usage of her healing abilities.[76] At the end of the day, Fried and the other guild members celebrate their new success within the Games.[77]

Fried tries to bring Laxus with him and Bickslow

That evening, Fried and the rest of the guild heads to Ryuzetsu Land, a popular leisure center in Crocus. As Elfman and Evergreen argue in the pool about whose idea it was for them to be there, Fried and Bickslow watch with amusement.[78] Later, Fried meets with Laxus and tries to get the latter to go elsewhere with him.[79] A little while later, Gray and Lyon fight and freeze the pool; with Natsu deciding to get rid of the ice by using his own Magic, Fried is sent flying by Natsu's explosion and lands unconscious in the rubble.[80]

After the game administration decides to reorganize the teams due to Team Raven Tail's disqualification, Fairy Tail, as a result, reorganizes its team consisting of five members.[81] Fried, together with his Fairy Tail comrades, is seen in the audience, excited at seeing their new "strongest team.[82] During the first battle of the Fourth Day, Fried watches in shock as the Blue Pegasus Rabbit reveals itself to be Nichiya.[83] Following Natsu's victory against Sting and Rogue on the Fourth Day, Fried silently cheers for him.[84]

Fried cheers for Fairy Tail's victory

When the final day of the Games gets underway, Fried stands in the crowd with the rest of Fairy Tail and cheers for their team, or more specifically, Laxus.[85] Later, during the fight between Erza and Kagura, Fried watches in relief as Erza fights back against the woman, despite her disposition.[86][87] Fried later smiles in light of Gajeel's victory over Rogue Cheney.[88] As Laxus' battle with Orga is encroached upon by Jura Neekis, the Wizard Saint promptly knocks out the Sabertooth Mage upon being challenged, resulting in Laxus' ability to win being doubted, something which Fried ignores; he and the Thunder God Tribe cheer for their idol. However, Fried watches in surprise as Laxus is knocked down by Jura.[89] Fried cheers Laxus on as he is evenly matched with Jura, and later celebrates Laxus' victory with his companions.[90]

With Team Fairy Tail overcoming all their respective opponents, as well as with the surrender of Sting, Fairy Tail is declared the winner of the Grand Magic Games, prompting Fried to cheer loudly.[91] He then joins the gathered Fairy Tail Mages as they cheerfully continue the celebration.[92]

Fried listens to the King

Fried, along with the members of many other Guilds, is summoned by the King and is told of the impending invasion at the hands of the Dragons. Standing behind Lisanna, Fried ignores her conversation with Evergreen regarding their Guild's defeat against Acnologia.[93] Upon the King's request that the Guilds join forces to stop the Dragons, Fried stands motionless, his face expressionless, as those around him join in on the raucous declaration of acceptance.[94]

Later, as the Guilds separate and are assigned to various other locations throughout Crocus, Fairy Tail remains in the town square. During the commotion, Fried looks up at the sky as the Fated Day begins, noting that the moon looks ominous.[95] Not long after, as the Dragons wreak havoc atop Mercurius, Fried looks on as their rampage creates shock waves that tear Crocus apart.[96] Shortly thereafter, Fried witnesses the descent of Atlas Flame, and, after the Dragon introduces himself, is blown away by its Dragon's Roar.[97] After the attack, Fried asks everyone if they are okay while Atlas Flame is surprised to see them alive. Makarov then attempts to attack, however, Atlas Flame simply strikes back, assaulting Fried and the others as a testament to humans being inferior to Dragons.[98]

Fried and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe stay to help Laxus

As Laxus begins his battle against Atlas Flame, Fried and the other members of the Thunder God Tribe then appear behind the Lightning Dragon Slayer, offering to help him when Romeo states that Laxus can't fight the Dragon by himself, with Fried, in particular, stating that they'll always support Laxus.[99] As their leader begins his assault, Fried employs his Magic alongside the other members of the Thunder God Tribe to try and assist, though after they all attack the group notices that Atlas is barely harmed; Fried notes that Laxus' Dragon Slayer Magic appears to have the disadvantage in this circumstance. As the group wonders whether a Water or Fire Dragon Slayer is nearby, they watch as Natsu suddenly drops down from the sky and lands on Atlas' back, beginning to consume the flames that cover his body. Realizing that Natsu means to utilize Atlas' flames to power himself up, the group stares on in disbelief until Natsu urges them to head towards Mercurius and assist Wendy in her fight against Zirconis. When Laxus finally agrees to leave Natsu, Fried follows to assist once more.[100]

Upon arriving at Wendy's location, Fried and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe take upon themselves the liberty of dealing with the Miniature Dragons while Laxus assists Wendy in battling Zirconis.[101] However, their battle is soon ended when Natsu sends Motherglare crashing through the Eclipse Gate, destroying it and in turn causing all beings from different time periods to return to their own. Watching Zirconis and the minion he is fighting disappear, Fried stares on in surprise.[102]

A few days after the Mages' victory against the Dragons, the King of Fiore hosts a banquet at the Royal Palace for all the Mages who protected the country to attend. Once there, during the course of the banquet, Fried gets extremely distressed when several women start touching Laxus and shouts for them to keep their distance.[103] With the King's banquet over, Fried and Fairy Tail return to Magnolia and are happily greeted by the town's masses.[104] Then, when Natsu removes the Grand Magic Games trophy from his sack, Fried gleefully shouts about their victory.[105]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Tartaros arc

Fried discovers that the Council was assassinated

Due to the stress of working a multitude of difficult jobs, Fried and the other members of the Thunder God Tribe opt to take a job working at Yajima's 8-Island restaurant, where he discovers that all nine members of the Magic Council were murdered and the headquarters was destroyed, prompting the man to point out Yajima's luck at no longer being a member of the Council; Fried is quickly distracted by Evergreen's appearance in a waitress uniform, which he describes as unbefitting. In response to his teammates' comments at the difficulty of their job, Fried mentions that his specialty is cooking, making his portion of work much easier. A moment later, when Fried mentions that Laxus is hopeless due to having taken an exceptionally long time to complete his errand for Yajima, a cloaked man walks into the restaurant, capturing Fried's attention; the man quickly destroys the restaurant by creating a tornado.[108]

Fried is brutally swept aside

Noticing that the man is after Yajima, Fried and Bickslow motion to intercept him, but they are tossed aside. However, despite his injuries, Fried rises once more upon seeing Yajima being brutalized by the cloaked man, and again when Evergreen is attacked. Now watching the man stand over Yajima and attempt to kill him, Fried tries to move, but finds himself unable to do so due to the man's Curse. Hearing that the Gates of Hell having opened, Fried realizes too late that their enemies are after both past and present Magic Council members. Terrified, Fried questions the man's motive, but just in time, both they, the Thunder God Tribe, and Yajima are saved by the arrival of Laxus, who challenges the mysterious Mage to a fight.[109]

Happy to see him, Fried watches as Laxus effectively dominates the fight and and ultimately knocks out the Dark Mage. Unable to take him to the Magic Council due to its destruction, Fried suggests taking him to Fairy Tail, stating that he wants to know their true motive.[110] Suddenly, the body of the Dark Mage explodes and releases a large amount of poison in the air. Finding out that this poison can cause illness and Magic deficiency, Fried warns everyone not to take it in is but find it pointless as Yajima, Evergreen and Bickslow collapse. Seeing Laxus inhaling the poison, Fried warns him not to but is told that with his Dragon Slayer lungs, he can do so and thereby save the town. Though he continues his attempts to stop him, Laxus tells Fried to take everyone home, causing him to shout out his name.[111]

Makarov visits an injured Fried

Successfully bringing everyone back to the guild, Fried and the rest are treated by Porlyusica, who reveals that they are lucky to be alive as the poison could've killed them. Seeing Makarov, Fried tells him that Laxus saved the town, and is in turn thanked for bringing everyone back. Asking if the town is alright, Fried is answered in the affirmative by Makarov, much to his relief as he cries in happiness.[112] Soon after, Fried loses consciousness and lies, in a sweat, next to Bickslow.[113]

Some time later, Elfman, possessed by Tartaros member Seilah, returns to the guild and attempts to blow it up. Luckily, Cana, suspicious of him, saves the guild at the last second by trapping them all in cards and having Happy, Carla and Panther Lily fly them to Tartaros' headquarters: Cube. Taken along for his own protection, Fried and his teammates are released from their cards, but still lie unconscious and wounded as their guild fight around them.[114]

After the fight against Tartaros is over, Fried tells Laxus that he had them worried until he finally healed and woke up. Laxus then hugs him, along with the other Thunder God Tribe members, as he says he cannot keep failing to protect those important to him.[115]

Alvarez Empire arc

Fried and Gray discuss Blue Pegasus

Along with the rest of the former Fairy Tail Team B, as well as his Thunder God Tribe, Fried boards Ichiya's Christina in order to head where Natsu and the others are. The group arrive just in time, as Laxus prevents Ajeel's Sands of Death from hitting the Fairy Tail Mages. Fried comments on how Wendy is now a woman, while Evergreen replies that everyone has grown a little over the year that passed. As Laxus again disperses Ajeel's sand attacks, Mest teleports everyone inside the airship and they proceed to leave. Inside the airship, Fried, along with his team, watches as Makarov tears up over the best family he gets to have.[116] When the two rescue teams arrive back at the Fairy Tail Guild with Makarov, a feast occurs to celebrate their masters return. Gray asks for Fried and Bickslow to confirm that they were members of the Blue Pegasus Guild during the past year, to which Fried states that serving customers isn't so bad. When Natsu later declares war against the Alvarez Empire, Fried is among the members visibly supporting his decision. As Mavis appears before the guild, Fried and the others listen as she begins to speak what she knows of Fairy Heart, as well as her relationship with Zeref and their common pursuit of The One Magic.[117]

Fried defends the town

After Mavis finishes her speech, when the guild starts discussing their methods for taking down the Alvarez Empire, Fried comments on Zeref's immortality, seemingly unable to find a solution as to how to deal with the Dark Mage.[118] Natsu then mentions that his right arm is something that can do the job, but he refuses to tell what it is. Shortly afterwards, Fried listens as Makarov goes over all the information he gathered about the Alvarez Empire.[119] Later, after the enemy attacks, using airships to bombard the town, Fried makes use of his Jutsu Shiki to shield them against the projectiles, supported by the rest of the Thunder God Tribe and their Magic Power.[120] Visibly exhausted, Fried is asked by Evergreen if his Magic is absolute in terms of defense, which he replies that it isn't, but that thanks to the Flying Dragon Squad and Osprey Squad taking out a good number of enemy forces, he should have no trouble keeping the barrier up.[121] Not much later, much to his shock, Fried senses that someone has torn a hole in his Jutsu Shiki and has entered Magnolia.[122] Not much later, Fried is informed by Bickslow that Ajeel's Sand World broke into Magnolia through the crack in his Jutsu Shiki barrier, a fact which Fried curses.[123]

Fried and Ichiya defeat Wall

Fried is later informed by Bickslow that Erza and Bisca defeated a member of the Spriggan 12; at that moment though, Wall Eehto appears in front of the Thunder God Tribe. Fried asks Bickslow and Evergreen to fight him as he is not able to engage in combat while deploying his Jutsu Shiki barrier. Wall quickly gains the upperhand against the two with Weakness soldiers, but at that moment, they notice lightning sparking around the soldiers; they are relieved as they believe that it's Laxus who has come to their aid, but are then majorly disappointed and shocked to see that it's actually Ichiya.[124] They are all shocked by Ichiya's presence, and he asks if they have forgotten their cruel treatment of him, but says that before that matter is dealt with, he will take care of business with the opposing "ruffian". As Ichiya then proceeds to face off against Wall, Bickslow and Evergreen engage in combat with the opposing Weakness soldiers and they manage to defeat their opponents due to a strategy provided by Elfman. Their victory is short-lived though, as while the two Mages were occupied with his creations, Wall has approached Fried, preparing to kill him. But before that can happen, Natsu chimes in and informs Fried that his group has completely obliterated the Western forces, thus allowing Fried to undo his runes and fight. Fried, aided by Ichiya, then blasts through Wall's body, utterly defeating the Spriggan.[125]

Fried shields Ichiya from the detonation

The trio of Fried, Bickslow, and Evergreen then begin to question Ichiya, with the latter explaining to them how he had up until this point been ignored by the entirety of Mages within the Fairy Tail Guild and, given that Christina needed time to be refueled following the long trip to Alvarez; how he had found himself stuck in Magnolia for a whole week. As the four kid around, having slightly dropped their guards, Wall's robotic head suddenly explodes, leaving Kardia Cathedral in ruins. As the dust clears, Fried, Bickslow, and Evergreen lay beaten over Ichiya, with the three having protected the Blue Pegasus Mage from the blast. Fried and the other two manage to spill out some warm words for their senior, resulting in Ichiya breaking into tears, seemingly both touched and shocked at the Thunder God Tribe's actions.[126] Later, Fried sits injured in the guild's infirmary.[127] He soon visits Natsu's sickbed and asks Lucy after his condition, then questions her about Laxus' whereabouts and is told that the Dragon Slayer is heading south to help liberate Hargeon. He hopes that Laxus will not overexert himself, but agrees with Lucy when she remarks that his wish will not be granted.[128]

Fried is ultimately sent to a random location on the Fiore reconstructed by Irene Belserion's Universe One;[129] during his attempt to follow Zera's voice to the new location of the guild,[130] Fried runs into Sting and takes him with him. After nearly a day, the duo make it, but as soon as they get near the vicinity, Fried parts ways with Sting, intent on finding Laxus.[131] After Irene's death, Universe One is dispelled and the country returns to normal; Fried (like many others guild members) finds himself in Magnolia and fights off a wave of Alvarez soldiers with Bickslow. While he fights, he asks Mavis what her plan is, which is to defend the vulnerable areas of the town and scout for rear enemy reinforcements.[132]

100 Years Quest arc

Magic and Abilities

Fried's Eye Magic: Dark Écriture

Dark Écriture (闇の文字(エクリリュール) Yami no Ekurityūru): Fried's primary Eye Magic (眼の魔法 Me no Mahō), which allows him to write runes in the air, either with his sword[133] or his own fingers.[134] Such runes, depending on what is written, will have different effects. Dark Écriture, a form of Letter Magic, comes in as an extremely useful form of Magic, with the runes being used ranging from offensive ones, which can inflict excruciating pain unto a person, making it impossible for them to fight back, or even infuse them with specific feelings,[135] to those capable of changing Fried's own appearance, to make him more formidable in combat[136] or grant him added advantages and capabilities.[137] Dark Écriture seems to be related to Fried's right eye, which was shown taking on a dark color during some instances in which he made use of this Magic.[133] "Écriture" is French for "Writing", in reference to the Magic's nature and, perhaps, to Fried's own appearance.

  • Teleportation: Fried is able to teleport by turning his body into runes; such runes float in the air and travel to the desired location, where they unite to form Fried's body once more.[134] (Unnamed)
  • Dark Écriture: Pain (闇の文字(エクリリュール)・痛み Yami no Ekurityūru: Itami): By inscribing runes onto his opponents, Fried can inflict immense pain upon them.[133] This spell can be used repeatedly to maximize the inflicted pain, with him slashing the enemy many times in rapid succession,[138] and can also be employed as a long-range attack, with the written runes being sent flying at the opponent in small groups.[139]

Dark Écriture: Fear

  • Dark Écriture: Fear (闇の文字(エクリリュール)・恐怖 Yami no Ekurityūru: Kyōfu): By inscribing runes onto his target, Fried instills the emotion of fear into his target, causing them to lose their courage.[140]
  • Dark Écriture: Suffering (闇の文字(エクリリュール)・苦しみ Yami no Ekurityūru: Kurushimi): By inscribing runes onto his target, Fried causes the affected person to undergo severe pain. This spell has similar effects to Dark Écriture: Pain.[138]
  • Dark Écriture: Death (闇の文字(エクリリュール)・死滅 Yami no Ekurityūru: Shimetsu): Though never seen, this spell, based on its name, likely causes death.[141]
  • Dark Écriture: Wings (闇の文字(エクリリュール)・翼 Yami no Ekurityūru: Tsubasa): By inscribing runes onto himself, Fried attains a pair of rune-composed wings.[137]
    • Flight: Through the use of such wings, Fried becomes capable of flying with great agility and maneuverability.[142]
    • Enhanced Speed: Fried's wings allow him to move around in the air at high speed, as shown when he was able to momentarily dodge some of Mirajane's attacks[137] and even to briefly leave her behind while she was in her Satan Soul form.[143]

Dark Écriture: Darkness

  • Dark Écriture: Darkness (闇の文字(エクリリュール)・暗黒 Yami no Ekurityūru: Ankoku): A spell which Fried described as forbidden, and which he only resolved to use against Rustyrose and as a last resort against Mirajane's Satan Soul. By inscribing runes onto his himself, Fried turns into a massive demonic creature. While activating it, he went on to claim that "Only a Demon can master a Demon", implying Dark Écriture: Darkness grants him demonic powers and abilities; in addition, the growth in size doesn't seem to affect the maneuverability of Dark Écriture: Wings, which can remain active and functional even when Fried enters this state.[136] Despite eventually being defeated and acknowledging Mirajane as the "true" Demon between them, this form allowed Fried to engage in an extended physical fight with her.[144]
    • Darkness Magic (闇の魔法 Yami no Mahō): Through the use of Dark Écriture: Darkness, Fried becomes able to cast Darkness Magic. And through its use perform a variety of feats, including using it to increase his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.[145]
      • Darkness Breath: Fried charges dark energy and molds it into the shape of a highly destructive tornado, damaging his intended target.[145]
      • Darkness Flare Bomb: Fried creates a sphere-like bomb made from dark energy and charges at the enemy at close range. The bomb creates a huge wave of pressure, that throws the target away.[145]
    • Enhanced Strength: This form increases Fried's strength exponentially, to the point where the clash between Mirajane's and his own clenched fists created a shockwave which destroyed the ground below them.[146]

Dark Écriture: Absolute Shadow

  • Dark Écriture: Absolute Shadow (闇の文字(エクリリュール)・絶影 Yami no Ekurityūru: Zetsuei): By inscribing runes onto himself, Fried's upper body becomes covered in a dark armor, complete with large shoulder pads and a helmet with a menacing appearance; Fried's hair becomes slicked back and protrudes from the opening in the helmet.[147]
    • Immense Speed: While in this form, Fried is capable of rushing at his opponents with a great rate of speed, to the extend that Rustyrose wasn't able to avoid his onslaught.[148]
    • Electric Shockwave: In such a state, Fried has shown himself capable of producing a large, electric orb from his right hand, which he employs in melee, rushing towards the target and striking them at close range.[148]
    • Enhanced Strength: Much like his Dark Écriture: Darkness form, Fried gains immense physical strength in this form. His attacks were so strong that a single hit was able to destroy the body of a Machias as strong as Wall Eehto, although the Spriggan 12 was also hit by Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki's Power Perfume: Max Men at the same time.[149]
  • Dark Écriture: Destruction (闇の文字(エクリリュール)・滅 Yami no Ekurityūru: Metsu): A spell which is more like a powerful melee attack, Fried rushes towards his opponent with his sword sheathed and his right hand on its hilt, and then rapidly unsheathes the weapon and slashes the opponent, dealing them a great amount of damage.[150]
  • Dark Écriture: Reflect: By inscribing runes into the air, Fried can reflect an incoming projectile back at the attacker. As it was only used once, the extent of its reflecting power is unknown.[145]
  • Dark Écriture: Slay: Fried quickly slashes the target with intense speed, causing heavy damage to both the target and the ground below.[151]

Jutsu Shiki

Jutsu Shiki (術式 Jutsu Shiki): Also a form of Letter Magic, Jutsu Shiki revolves around the use of the very same runes which Fried employs with his Dark Écriture; this form of Magic allows him to erect magical barriers in the form of rune Enchantments in a given area, preventing those inside it from exiting. Each Enchantment possesses specific "rules" to it, which are freely set by Fried, and which must be complied with in order for the ones trapped inside to leave the barrier. Escape is otherwise impossible, with the rules being "absolute", and even an immensely powerful Mage such as Makarov Dreyar is incapable of breaking them. While taking quite a long time to cast and thus being almost useless in actual combat, if given the right time and planned carefully, Jutsu Shiki can be extremely useful and helpful, being ideal for setting up traps, and having been one of the main aspects of Laxus Dreyar's plan to take over Fairy Tail, which was held in check and had most of its members defeated, with the comrades fighting each other to escape the Enchantments, simply through Fried's use of it. This seems to be a very advanced form of Magic, as Makarov went on to describe Fried as having become very powerful due to its use.[152] However, due to Jutsu Shiki not being dynamic as Dark Écriture, the barriers created with it can be, with some effort and given some time, undone, either by someone adept at languages and writing,[153] or simply by someone who has witnessed Jutsu Shiki being cast different times.[154]

  • Word Enchantment: Fried creates or writes runes and inscriptions in order to create and/or disable barrier-like force-fields.[155]

Enhanced Durability: Fried has displayed a considerable amount of physical durability, having proven himself capable of enduring several hits from Mirajane while she was employing her Satan Soul and continued to battle her, seemingly without consequences.[156][157]

Demonic Fried and Mirajane fighting one another

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While in the demonic form granted him by his Dark Écriture: Darkness, Fried was able to keep up with a Satan Soul Mirajane for a short period of time with hand-to-hand combat, demonstrating great prowess and taking advantage of the boost in strength offered him by the spell. He was shown punching her, and then the two of them faced off in a fast aerial battle, which ended with Fried managing to perform a takedown on Mirajane by grabbing her tail.[144]

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Even without his Magic, Fried can fight proficiently with his sword, having displayed excellent swordsmanship. His slashes possess both incredible speed and accuracy, as evident through his flawless use of the sword when writing his runes,[133] even in rapid succession.[138] His skill is great enough for him to slash clean through a tornado, an intangible phenomenon, as shown from him bifurcating Alzack Connell's Tornado Shot in a single slash with ease, at the same time demonstrating very agile and acrobatic motions.[158]

Immense Magic Power: Fried possesses a tremendous amount of Magic Power since he was able to write and use multitude of runes (all with different effects) and spread them throughout Magnolia.[159] Fried also had enough Magic Power to overwhelm most guild wizards, including wizards considered eligible for S-Class admission such as Cana Alberona and Elfman Strauss.[160] In the year X792 Fried was able to create a protective barrier around the city that could withstand almost every attack of Alvarez's military ships.[120]


Sword: Fried carries a sword that closely resembles a rapier, which has the Fairy Tail symbol carved onto the hilt. He uses it for both melee combat[161] and for writing the runes of his Magic, wherein it functions as a pen of sorts.[162]

Appearances in Other Media


Whose Clothes Are These?

As Erza Requips the Fairy Tail members' clothes onto one another, Fried ends up wearing Natsu's clothes. Fried then questions Elfman, who is wearing his clothes, as to whether or not he has a problem with his attire.[163]


Welcome to Fairy Hills!!

Fried cleans the pool

Fried talks with Gray whilst they are together in the guild; later on, he aids the male Fairy Tail Mages as they clean the pool, hoping to see the female Fairy Tail Mages in their bikinis when they are finished, as stated by Wakaba. After cleaning the pool, Fried and the others fill it up and relax. However, whilst the pool Natsu is in contains boiling water, the one Gray is in is the complete opposite as it embodies cold, freezing water. Fried is seen testing the temperature of the water Gray is in with the tip of his finger, stating that instead of a pool, it's just ice now. He is then seen peeking through a periscope, along with some other male Fairy Tail Mages, as they lay eyes upon a revolting sight.[164]

The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land

On the night of the Grand Magic Games' third day, Fried joins his guildmates on a trip to the popular Ryuzetsu Land resort. Upon arriving, he and Bickslow are quick to spot Elfman and Evergreen together, the two having arrived before everyone else despite the former needing to be in the infirmary. While there, Fried spots Laxus with Mavis and Makarov preparing for a swim. Seeing him begin warming up, Fried is quick to join in the exercises. Spending time with him and the rest of his friends, Fried's enjoyment is soon halted as the antics of his guildmates cause the resort to come crumbling down. With the building destroyed, Fried and the rest of the patrons lie unconscious in the rubble.[165]


Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess

Fried and his Thunder God Tribe teammates arrive at Veronica as backup for their friends in fighting the Phoenix. His team alone was able to cause the giant metallic bird to trip.[166]

Video Games

Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2

Fried appears as a playable character in the second Fairy Tail Video Game Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2. In the game, he is unlocked through quests.[167] Upon being unlocked, he is also a playable character in the DS Game Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou.[168]

Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Fried's render in Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

In the video-game Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou, Fried Justine is a playable character.[168] In this game, Fried Justine possess the following moves:

Fairy Tail Zeref Awakens

Fried's appearance in Zeref Awakens

Fried, together with Bickslow, appears as a mini-boss in the PSP Game Fairy Tail Zeref Awakens. He can later be unlocked as a playable character. He uses the following spells:


  • Fried's likes include music. His dislikes include gum.[1]
  • When Fried first appeared, his Fairy Tail Mark was on his right hand,[5] but when he arrived at the Kardia Cathedral following Laxus' failed attempting at killing the townspeople, it is located on his left hand.[169]
  • At the end of the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, he is seen with short, shaved hair whilst convincing the master to keep his position.[37] However, during Wendy and Carla's welcome party, Fried is shown to have his hair at its original length.[15]
  • Fried's name was originally Albion (アルビオン Arubion). However, because the other members of the Thunder God Tribe had long names, Mashima changed it so as to balance things out. Fried was originally going to use ancient texts as his Magic, and from the word "old" in Japanese, with a few phonic changes, became "Fried". (Process went from 古いぞ (Furui zo), to ふりーぞ (Furīzo), to フリード (Furīdo).[170]
  • Fried appears to be considerably popular among girls, ranking 10th in the most recent "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend" poll held by the Sorcerer Magazine; his rank is said to have been lowered due to a change of hairstyle.[171]
  • A guitarist resembling Fried can be seen during a concert at Fairy Nail.[172]


  • (To Elfman Strauss) "Those who break the rules shall be subjected to a fate worse than death."[162]
  • (To Cana Alberona) "Sorry, but this is as far as you go, Cana. The one who will take Laxus' place will be me."[173]
  • (To Bickslow) "I would have fought seriously against any other. But I owe those two. I already decided what I'd do if it came down to this."[174]
  • (To Rustyrose) "You've committed the crime of hurting our comrades. The rules don't apply to you."[9]
  • (To himself about Team Raven Tail)"Just try to injure Laxus' pride. We the Raijinshuu cannot make guarantees for your lives."[175]
  • "I believe in Laxus!!!"[176]

Battles & Events

Battles Events


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