The Four Heraldry Knights (四紋騎士 Shimonkishi) are a group of four elite soldiers formerly part of the Neinhart Squad, under the command of Shield of Spriggan, Neinhart.[1]


The first two introduced Knights have both varying appearances. The larger one has long, winding is a large full body of suited armor with black tiled shoulder plates and abdominal patterns plates, with large fist guards that cover his entirety knuckle region. The kilt is jagged that matches the design of his leg braces, completing it with with headband with tribal symbol upon it.[1]

The slimmer one has long, upstruting hair that covers is entire face besides his nose and mouth, a full dark color plated armor with intricate shoulder region, slick design and a light color belt type of band. He as well has dark color shin guards with stripped color jeans and dark colored shoes.[1]

The following two introduced have similar armors style as well as intrinsic head gears, with the specific features being that one of them possesses a scar under his right eye and a diamond earring, while the other possesses a cape with spiky features on the leg braces.[1]


Alvarez Empire arc

With their assignment to take care of any opposition who tries to trespass in the port harbor of Hargeon currently occupied by Alvarez forces, two of the Four Knights oppose Erza and Kagura as they notice their arrival. They announce the name of their group and proclaim they won't allow them to pass, but are swiftly taken down by the swordswomen before they can even attempt to attack. However, the other remaining two Knights surprise them by attacking them from above, stating that the two female Fiore Mages were too absentminded to figure out that there were two other knights. However, they too are defeated, but by Jellal Fernandes, who makes his timely arrival.[1]


Lance: One of the Four Knights possesses a large lance, appearing to use it for battle.[1]

Spiked Ball & Chain: One of the Four Knights possesses a large spiked ball & chain, appearing to use it for battle.[1]

Sword: One of the Four Knights possesses a sword, appearing to use it for battle.[1]


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