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This forum is for discussing any major improvements to this wiki. Feel free to discuss:

  • Changes that will change how the wiki is run
  • Changes that will affect many articles or large parts of the wiki
  • Changes that will change how the wiki looks
  • Bring up major issues or problems about the wiki
  • Anything else that the whole community needs input on

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TopicLast editLast author
Category01:18, February 20, 2020LightningGeist
Character Templates01:16, February 12, 2020LightningGeist
Revisiting Discussions01:15, February 12, 2020LightningGeist
Slowing Magic23:43, December 31, 2018Hamody Asgail
Update Team23:42, December 31, 2018Hamody Asgail
Portable infoboxes and you!17:17, December 24, 2018Hamody Asgail
Event Pages13:07, December 8, 2018Hamody Asgail
Anonymous Users08:53, October 2, 2017Miskos3
Spells21:37, September 11, 2016Hamody Asgail
Entering Data of Fairy Tail19:50, September 9, 2016Hamody Asgail
Spells See Also23:36, July 14, 2016Hamody Asgail
Anime episodes summaries19:17, July 8, 2016Hamody Asgail
Main Page Slider21:42, April 2, 2016Miskos3
Affiliation15:33, March 17, 2016Wrath022
Character infoboxes moving00:37, March 13, 2016CzechOut
Catching up the anime15:47, January 6, 2016WonderfulUnicorn
Non-Canon Spin-Offs01:03, November 25, 2015Wrath022
New P&S04:27, November 4, 2015IamJakuhoRaikoben
Add X792 appearance info on all the other characters?23:33, September 14, 20154 Number the Ness mainer
New Name Spellings Revealed20:38, August 11, 2015SubZeroSilver
New Categories: Translation Request and Translation Check20:56, July 20, 2015IamJakuhoRaikoben
Relationship Quotes17:11, June 1, 2015Sane Lunatic
New Gallery Section14:48, May 22, 2015ChokokuguzaNoTobira
Adding a link to a character's image gallery at the top of their page?02:28, April 28, 2015IamJakuhoRaikoben
Lock Old Blogs19:00, April 23, 2015Wrath022
RS02:42, March 31, 2015Wrath022
Choko00:48, March 29, 2015IamJakuhoRaikoben
FTA22:45, March 28, 2015IamJakuhoRaikoben
Misk as Temp. Admin04:52, March 18, 2015IamJakuhoRaikoben
Wrath19:43, March 17, 2015IamJakuhoRaikoben
Adding cleaned up DVD screenshots06:50, February 13, 2015Miskos3
Infobox Switch Template18:14, February 11, 2015Omega natsu2
Spell Pages03:48, January 11, 2015IamJakuhoRaikoben
Ice Trail and Zero23:56, December 28, 2014IamJakuhoRaikoben
Guilds17:22, November 30, 2014IamJakuhoRaikoben
Suggestion: Character portraits from the new anime11:43, October 10, 2014Miskos3
Adding Dubbed Names03:47, September 20, 2014Relikz
Addressing the English Dub05:18, July 24, 2014Omega natsu2
Image size01:28, July 17, 2014IamJakuhoRaikoben
Timeskip16:35, July 14, 2014Ultraprime2
Video game spells03:11, July 11, 2014ChokokuguzaNoTobira
Kama and his Double Scythes10:36, May 27, 2014Miskos3
Magic and Abilities in Fights15:56, May 15, 2014Omega natsu2
Etherias13:34, April 15, 2014Relikz
Image Galleries21:54, April 11, 2014Relikz
List of Episodes: Teams17:44, April 5, 2014Omega natsu2
Numerous Name Differences and Discussions20:53, March 22, 2014Wrath022
Official English chapter titles11:24, March 20, 2014Umnei
Customized Thumbnails22:02, February 9, 2014Omega natsu2
ReferencePopups04:13, January 26, 2014Relikz
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