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Fleuve d'étoiles (星の大河(エトワールフルーグ) Etowāru Furūgu) is an extending whip from the Celestial Spirit World.


While not in use, only the whip's handle is visible, this possessing a simple, cylindrical form with a dark brown central part and golden edges; the lower one is covered in stud-like ornaments and has a small blue rope hanging from it, from which a yellow star-shaped pendant is attached. When the weapon is being used, a jet of flowing water is created from the handle, which remains compact, and twists and moves as if it were the rope on an actual whip.[1] In the anime, however, the whip itself is portrayed as being less water-like and more celestial in appearance: a stream of eerily blue celestial matter comes forth from the handle and is surrounded by orange-white light that twists around its entire length.[2] Later on, also in the anime, an upgraded version of the Fleuve d'étoiles was shown; this whip is more "complete" than the previous version in the sense that the whip is already full formed. The handle is black with silver, metallic rings on either end; the whip itself is maroon in color and is rather long, wherein the end is fashioned into a heart shape.[3]


Fleuve d'étoiles being used

An extending whip heralding from the Celestial Spirit World,[4] The water acts as a solid, allowing its user to grab onto solid objects as well as to perform a various array attacks.[5] When needed, the Fleuve d'étoiles can also be summoned by its owner where ever they are located and that includes being in a parallel universe like Elentir.[6]


  • The full name of the whip is "River of Stars of the Eridanus Constellation" (エリダヌス座の星の大河 Eridanusu-za no Hoshi no Taiga).[5]
  • Fleuve d'étoiles is French for River of Stars, living up to the whip's appearance and origin.


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