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Fire Dragon King Mode (モード炎竜王 Mōdo Enryūō) is a Fire Dragon Slayer ability.


Fire Dragon King Mode is a unique ability usable by a Fire Dragon Slayer. As a result of the sheer potency of the ability itself, before even properly utilizing the power to its fullest, the user radiates incredible heat. When the mode is activated, in a radius expanding meters, the ground itself becomes lit in a circular crimson inferno; bodies of water near the user, like a lake, quickly evaporates away, leaving nothing behind; and the clothes of anyone nearby burn off from the heat. The user's power increases to the point that they could take down a member of the Spriggan 12 with a single blow.[1]

When used in conjunction with the power of Igneel, the user's speed and power drastically increase to levels that allow them to fight toe-to-toe with beings as incredulously powerful as Zeref, and even completely incinerate forbidden, powerful Magic such as Ankhseram Black Magic.[2]


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