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Fire Dragon's Wing Attack (火竜の翼撃 Karyū no Yokugeki) is a Fire Dragon Slayer Magic Spell.


The user rushes forward against two opponents. While doing so, the user produces a large stream of fire from each of their arms, which, when it comes in contact with the foes, burns them and at the same time sends them flying away behind them due to the blunt force of the produced fire. Such flames take the rough form of a pair of Dragon's wings, thus the name of the attack.[1] This spell can also by employed by first grabbing the target's heads and then producing the fire to strike them, as shown when Natsu Dragneel used it for the first time.[2] In the anime, this spell is portrayed differently: user first jumps into the air, and then ignites two streams of fire from their hands, subsequently swinging such streams at the opponent and blowing them away, in a similar fashion to Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade.[3]


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